Another Versace Ad

Added another Versace ad starring Jonathan. Included are some close-ups of just Jonathan. Huge thanks to Daniel for sharing this gorgeous scan!


Spring Versace preview

The new Spring 2007 Versace ads with Jonathan are now starting to show up in magazines. Big thanks to Italian fan Regina for sending in a beautiful scan from a fashion magazine in Italy. The ad is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing how the rest turn out!


more Versace

From WWD, comes word that Jonathan will also be featured in the Spring ad campaign for Versace. Donatella Versace certainly worked hard while she was in New York last week. After giving a keynote speech at the WWD/DNR CEO Summit and hosting a private dinner for Allure editor in chief Linda Wells, the fashion house’s creative director started shooting Versace’s spring ad campaigns on Friday. While the company did not confirm any information about the campaigns, sources said it has tapped a similar cast of characters to those featured...


Images added to Gallery

Added 5 of the Versace images to the Gallery. Also added 14 images from The Tudors. Lots more images will be added soon. Also fixed the layout for the Fanlisting so it now can be viewed in Firefox properly. Sorry about that!


Versace ads

The Versace ads are starting to turn up in fashion magazines. A close-up ad of Jonny with glasses on appears in the September issues of Esquire (US), Details (US) and GQ (US). Thanks to Shaznic for the information. Reena Hammer is on the cover of the August 4th issue of the Evening Standard magazine. In the article, she talks about her relationship with Jonathan, her upbringing, and future plans.


Versace preview

A preview of Jonathan’s Versace ads above thanks to Meaghan for sharing. Credit to the Versace website that has posted the new campaign preview. And more details on the Versace ad campaign thanks to Shelia: Rhys Meyers Following in Halle & Demi’s FootstepsPosted Jul 18th 2006 12:38PM by TMZ Staff “M:I:3″ star Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the new face of Versace’s fall ad campaign. After enlisting the services of beautiful Hollywood heavyweights like Halle Berry, Demi Moore and Madonna in seasons past, Versace chose the Irish heartthrob to spearhead...


Versace and Hugo Boss rumors

Jonathan is featured in the June issues of Instyle (as a Man of Style) and Out (called “Hottest Straight Guy We Wish Was Gay”) magazines. And the Versace and Hugo Boss rumors appear to be true. He has signed deals to appear in ad campaigns for both companies. From the Irish Examiner: Speaking from a promotional tour in Amsterdam, Rhys-Meyers said: “They felt it was the right time to ask me and, naturally, I jumped at the chance.” And he joked: “It’s certainly handy to earn the extra few...


Jonathan attending more premieres

You can now view the trailer for Prozac Nation. Considering that Jonathan’s character is apparently not in the film that much, he is featured quite a bit in this excellent trailer. Thanks to The Williams Center for this link. In other random bits of news, Jonathan has been attending various events in London in recent weeks… along with the premieres of “The Importance of Being Ernest” and “Lilo and Stitch”, he went to the launch of a Versace exhibit. There is also no official word yet on the status...


more on the Versace show

More details on the modeling show where Jonny introduced the Versace collection. It was a modeling charity benefit show called the Brown Thomas International Fashion Show at the Pointe Depot. All proceeds went to the Chernobyl Childrens Project headed by Bono’s wife, Ali Hewson. (Thanks Rebecca…) Also finally found out official word on when “Gormenghast” is set to premiere in the US. Saturday, June 10 at 8pm EST and 5pm PST, “Gormenghast” will premiere on BBC America, a cable station. The remaining episodes are to air June 17, 24...



Latest Sugar magazine has a small picture of Jonny. Jonny is also on the cover of UK Shivers magazine. Lastly, Jonny recently introduced the Versace collection on the Late Late Show in Dublin.