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New project?

Just got some news. First, the Good Morning America interview has been postponed indefinitely. Jonathan is not going to be doing “Vinyl”. Instead he has been offered and accepted a lead role in a new film by Bille August. “Explosion”, based on the novel Burden of Desire by Robert MacNeil, concerns the real life incident when a munitions ship blew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1917. At the heart of the story is a love triangle between an unhappily married young man, a psychiatrist, and a remarkable unconvential...


No go on interview

Despite all the newspaper and tv guide listings, Jonathan did not appear on Good Morning America this morning. Trying to find out if the interview has been rescheduled or is no longer going to happen. Sorry for the false alarm!


On Good Morning America!

BIG NEWS: Jonathan will be doing an interview on Good Morning America TOMORROW morning!! The show airs on ABC from 7am to 9am.


I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead website up

The official US website for “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” is finally online with some new release date information. The film will be opening in New York City on June 18 of this month. June 25th it will expand to Los Angeles and other select cities. Jonathan was interviewed on a Japanese cinema program that aired on TV recently. You can read a transcript of the interview on the program’s website.


The Lion in Winter coming soon

You can now view a trailer for “The Lion in Winter” at the Hallmark Entertainment website. The film is set to air Sunday, May 23 on the Showtime Network. There will be a premiere for the film in Los Angeles in early May. Showtime is going to also air a behind the scenes look at “The Lion in Winter”: TRACKING “THE LION IN WINTER” 17m A look at the production of the Showtime Original Picture “The Lion in Winter” starring Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close in the fact-based story...


The Magnificent Ambersons premieres soon

A&E is currently taking pre-orders for DVD and VHS box sets of “The Magnificent Ambersons”. The VHS set will available on January 14 while the DVD will be ready on January 24 (this could be a website mistake however). The DVD features cast bios, filmographies, and hopefully more extras. Both formats are $24.95 so if you want to save money but wait a little longer, you can try which is selling the VHS format for $22.26 and the DVD format for only $18.71 but both are listed to...


The Magnificent Ambersons Update

Thanks to alec757 for passing along some corrected news about “The Magnificent Ambersons”: December 4, 2001, The Record A&E is attempting to restore Orson Welles original vision for his movie “The Magnificent Ambersons.” The cable network in January will premiere a remake of the 1942 film, based on Booth Tarkington’s novel. The cast and crew of the new version worked from Welles original screenplay, nearly 60 years after RKO Pictures executives re-edited the movie and released it against the director’s wishes. “The Magnificent Ambersons” tells the story of a...


Knorr Soup Ad

Huge thanks to the wonderful alec757 for along the following information. It appears that Jonny’s first commercial, the infamous Knorr Soup advert, was shown again in Ireland. From The People: “You might not recognise them…but these young men are two of the biggest stars that Ireland has produced in recent years. One is the darling of British broadcasting who was recently offered millions to take his chat show to a rival station. And the other is a red-hot actor who can now command a fortune for his Hollywood movies....


The Tribe on U.S. TV

The Independent Film Channel is showing “The Tribe”! The remaining times it will be shown in May are: Wednesday, May 16 at 6AM, Tuesday, May 29 at 11:45PM and Wednesday, May 30 at 6AM. “Tangled” is having a rough go of things now that the film has been picked up by Miramax. Rachael Leigh Cook has mentioned in several interviews how the movie title was changed to “Tangled” in the first place and now about possible cuts requested that have frustrated her as a producer of the fim. Let’s...


Small role in new film

Jonathan will be filming a small role in Ioan Gruffudd’s new film “Happy Now” next month in Wales (thanks to Jenny and Rebecca for passing this along). Have any plans for Halloween? “Gormenghast” will be re-airing in it’s entirety beginning with the making of documentary starting at 6:30pm on BBC America October 31 (thanks wolfgoddess). And lastly, was sent a little tidbit of info about “The Magnificent Ambersons”. The four hour miniseries will air on A&E in the US but is to be packaged as a feature internationally (thanks...

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