Tudors online

Showtime has finally put up a website for The Tudors. There’s not a lot of content yet but there’s a new promo image (which will be added to the Gallery shortly) and you can sign up for email updates. You can also view the trailer. Note: The website is only accessible by users in the U.S. Anyone outside the U.S. is not able to access the website unfortunately.


New Trailer for The Tudors

There’s a new trailer online for “The Tudors” on Peach Arch Entertainment’s website. It gives a sneak peek at the series that’s set to start airing on Showtime in April 2007. The trailer is amazing! Be sure to check it out! (Thanks to Shelia for the link.)


NY Times on the Tudors

I’ve added a new indepth article on “The Tudors” from the NY Times to the Press section of the site. It contains some wonderful background on the making of the series and Jonathan is featured throughout. New images from “The Tudors” will be added soon.


Yahoo Preview

The Yahoo! TV online preview on “The Tudors” is now up! Check it out at Yahoo! TV before the preview is removed. Thanks to Shelia for the link.


Jonny is regal

From Unison comes an article about the Irish director Ciaran Donnelly getting the job of directing the final 2 episodes of “The Tudors”. Each episode is 60 minutes long. Another Irish director, Brian Kirk, also directed 2 earlier episodes. Brian Kirk had the following to say about Jonathan’s performance as Henry VIII. Brian Kirk, whose episodes involved Henry VIII’s blossoming romance with Anne Boleyn, said he was very impressed with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’ ability to “pull off” the role of the English monarch. “He actually can play a king and...


The Tudors promo

You can now view a promo clip that shows some footage from “The Tudors” on YouTube. Big thanks to user montgomeryclift for sharing the clip online. Update: The clip has been removed by YouTube unfortunately. I hope everyone got the chance to see it before it was pulled.


Images added to Gallery

Added 5 of the Versace images to the Gallery. Also added 14 images from The Tudors. Lots more images will be added soon. Also fixed the layout for the Fanlisting so it now can be viewed in Firefox properly. Sorry about that!


More on Hugo Boss

Details on the Hugo Boss ad campaign from Contact Music: RHYS MEYERS’ FRAGRANT AMBITION Hollywood actor JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS is the new face of Hugo Boss. Launching in December, the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III star will appear in an advertising campaign that aims to boost the Hugo Boss fragrance franchise in the US. President of Proctor + Gamble Prestige’s US division DON LOFTUS says, “We see a real opportunity with this brand. Hugo Boss does very strong business on a global scale, but the US fragrance business is underdeveloped. We...


Jonathan plays soccer

Last night, Jonathan took part in a charity soccer game at St. Killian’s in Dublin to aid the Bray Women’s Refuge. Various cast and crew from “The Tudors” took part and went head to head in the match up. From the Bray People Newspaper, Jonathan is quoted as saying, “Yeah, it was a great night. It’s just great to get out on the evening with the lads here, especially as it’s just for such a good cause. It was great fun.” The event is expected to have raised over...


New Project!

Exciting news to report about an interesting new project for Jonathan. From Zap2It: Showtime has snagged “Elvis” and “Match Point” star Jonathan Rhys-Meyers to take the lead role in “The Tudors,” a new series doubling as drama and English history lesson. Showtime has ordered 10 episodes of “The Tudors,” which will star Rhys-Meyers as Henry VIII, the ruler best remember for his later, more portly years. Instead, “The Tudors” will focus on the early part of his reign, which lasted from 1509 to 1547. Michael Hirst, who knows a...

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