The Tribe

The Tribe on DVD

One of Jonathan’s most elusive films, “The Tribe” is now available on DVD in NTSC format. You can order a copy through now. Previous copies floating around were all made from when “The Tribe” has aired on TV so it’s a real treat to get this now in proper DVD format. Jonathan does not have a large role and does not have many lines, but he is seen throughout the film in the background or in love scenes.


The Tribe on U.S. TV

The Independent Film Channel is showing “The Tribe”! The remaining times it will be shown in May are: Wednesday, May 16 at 6AM, Tuesday, May 29 at 11:45PM and Wednesday, May 30 at 6AM. “Tangled” is having a rough go of things now that the film has been picked up by Miramax. Rachael Leigh Cook has mentioned in several interviews how the movie title was changed to “Tangled” in the first place and now about possible cuts requested that have frustrated her as a producer of the fim. Let’s...


The Tribe airing on BBC Prime

The BBC documentary on the making of “Gormenghast” is set to air on BBC America April 1 at 11:30 pm EST. It will be repeated on April 2 and 3. Check out their website to find out exact times. In other news (thanks to the report at the All that glitters website), for those in Europe who have the cable channel BBC Prime, “The Tribe” is going to be aired this Sunday, March 12. Check out their website to see if they will be showing it in your country....