Club Monaco pictures released!

Club Monaco has finally released their new fall/winter 2001 ad campaign on their site. And guess who is their star model? Take a look at their site to see plenty of gorgeous photos. Thank to k_czaplinska for alerting me about this. Also, thanks to Nerd from the message board, SCI FI Wire is reporting the following: Tony Todd told SCI FI Wire that he’ll be starring in Minotaur, a fantasy film based on the Greek myth about a supernatural creature that’s half bull and half man. Todd (Candyman) will...


Possible new project?

New rumor regarding Jonny’s possible next film role. This comes from Ananova, which is not the most reliable source: Robbie Williams is reported to be considering a film role in the romantic comedy Goldfish Memory. Other actors said to be considering taking part include Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Darren Day, Dervla Kirwan and Ian Hart. Pearl Harbor star Josh Hartnett is also believed to be interested in joining the cast of the ?5 million adventure set in Ireland. Take that with a grain of salt. There is a great new...


Back in Ireland

Jonny is back in Ireland. He has wrapped filming on both “Prozac Nation” and “Tangled”. Currently he is looking for his next role. It appears “Marlowe” isn’t going to be working out. You can catch some more amazing images of Jonny with Ewan McGregor in the August issue of Moviestar magazine (Japanese publication).


Possible new project

Exciting news from Cannes! The Telegraph reported on May 13 that: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is hotly tipped to star as Christopher Marlowe in a steamy new movie about the life of the 16th-century playwright that will be unveiled here early next week. The £14 million film, to be called Marlowe, is being produced by Natural Nylon, the Soho-based company co-owned by Britpack actors Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Sadie Frost, Johnny Lee Miller and Sean Pertwee. The Hollywood star Michelle Pfeiffer is believed to be in the running to play Lady...

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