Possible new TV miniseries project for Jonathan

Thanks to actor Mark Rolston on Twitter, there’s strong indications that Jonathan is taking part in remake of the 1997 epic miniseries “Roots”. It’s currently filming in New Orleans and will be airing in 2016 across History, A&E Network and Lifetime channels. It’s set to be an 8 hour miniseries airing over 4 nights. It’s not yet clear what role Jonathan is playing in the remake. having a blast on set with this guy Jonathan Rhys Meyers #neworleans #setlife #markrolston #jonathanrhysmeyers — Mark Rolston (@Halo4CaptDelRio) September 9, 2015


Potential new film project with producer of Velvet Goldmine

The Cannes Film Festival is happening now and many production companies are in town seeking financing and distribution deals. From the Cannes Market News, comes word about a potential project that Jonathan is part of: CHRISTINE VACHON, CARGO TEAM FOR LONDON TOWN CARGO ENTERTAINMENT (The Angriest Man in Brooklyn) has added London Town to its Cannes slate. The new project will be produced by Christine Vachon and Sofia Sondervan. The cast for the package being presented in Cannes, includes Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Liv Tyler and Daniel Huttlestone. Huttlestone played...


Supernatural thriller next up for Jonathan?

According to Spanish movie site Fotogrammas, Jonathan is set to star in acclaimed director Isabel Coixet’s next film “Panda Eyes”. Actress Sophie Turner (“Game of Thrones”) is also expected to star. Filming is set to start in Cardiff, Wales after the director’s current project finishes production. No official confirmation from any other news source on this and how it would fit in with the “City of Bones” and “Dracula” filming schedules. “Panda Eyes” is described as “a supernatural thriller that plays tricks with the mind and raises questions about...


Possible new project?

From Bootstrap Films (thanks to Shelia for the find) comes word about a possible new project for Jonathan: Following on the success of the short film, WHAT IF, the project is currently being developed into a feature film. WHAT IF is produced by Bootstrap Films and Colin Farrell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Brendan Gleeson will star in the feature film version with Simon Delaney and Hugh Lee. The feature is a comedy, which tells the story of two movie stuntmen who, looking for a way out, write a...


Bend It Like Beckham out on DVD

“Bend It Like Beckham” is now out on DVD in the US today. The DVD features commentary by director Gurinder Chadha and co-writer Paul Mayeda Berges, theatrical trailers, 10 deleted/extended scenes, “Who Wants to Cook Aloo Gobi?” featurette, “The Making of Bend It Like Beckham” featurette, Music video for “Hot Hot Hot”, Aloo Gobi recipe, and the film is presented in widescreen anamorphic format. You can order it through Amazon today. In other news, Oliver Stone’s “Alexander” began principal photography on September 22 in Marrakesh, Morocco. The project will...


New photo spread in GQ

Jonathan was featured in a fabulous photo spread in the June issue of US GQ magazine. Photos from this spread are now featured in the August issue of UK GQ magazine. Jonathan is rumored to have been cast as Cassander in Oliver Stone’s upcoming project “Alexander”. More details on that soon. The official website for I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead is now up, though no content yet. It’s scheduled for release in 2004 in the US. There is still no word on any official release of “Prozac Nation” from...


James Bond rumors

Jonathan has confirmed that the James Bond rumors are just that… silly rumors in a recent article on Dublin Daily saying, “I don’t know where that rumour came from… There is absolutely no truth to it. I have never even been asked to go for a screen test for the part. I have to admit it’s a nice thought though.” The full article has been archived in the Press section. Jonathan is currently in rehearsals for “Vanity Fair” with production to start in June. “Bend It Like Beckham” continues...


Release date mix ups

Made a mistake in the last update. “The Tesseract” is being released in Japan this fall, not “Octane”. “Octane” did recently premiere at the American Film Market Festival on Feb 22, 2003. This festival is a place for a lot of films to find distribution deals. There’s a lot of rumors running around that Jonathan screen tested for the James Bond role. There is no confirmation regarding this and I’d take any news reports about this with a grain of salt. Every week, you hear of some actor who...


Tangled gets US release on DVD

“Tangled” is finally being released in the US going straight to DVD and video. You can pre-order the DVD through now. It’s due for release January 14, 2003. Fox Searchlight has put up a preview website for Bend It Like Beckham. It does not state when the official release date will be other than Spring 2003. There is word that Jonathan may star in a London play sometime next year. According to a recent Irish Examiner article, it was stated that Jonathan will be in the West End...


Jonathan engaged?

Good news about “Prozac Nation”. It’s been picked up by Miramax for distribution. And from comes the following (note Jonathan was questioned, not arrested and this hopefully confirms he will be in Minatour as well as a new film based on an Alex Garland novel): Rhys Meyers talks to ShowBiz Ireland… Cork actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was arrested and detained last week in Italy due to security measures after the terrorist attacks in America.The actor, who has stared in such films as Michael Collins and Velvet Goldmine as...

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