For reference, Jonathan introduced Jewel at Woodstock. He is currently looking at scripts for his next project.


more on Gormanghast

First off, Happy Belated Birthday to Jonny – who is now the ripe old age of 22! He was recently in Rome, New York for Woodstock ’99 where he was one of many celebrities to announce bands. No word yet on who Jonathan introduced. Regarding “Gormanghast”, Jonathan has the lead as Steerpike. This BBC production also stars Stephen Fry and Ian Richardson. “Gormanghast” has already completed filming and is based on a series of books by Mervyn Peake. To learn more about these novels, check out this page on...


Model or not?

Jonathan was set to model in the New York Versace show, but missed his flight to NY. Instead he’s been in Ireland getting ready to film his next movie after spending time back in Rome for reshoots and additional shooting for “Titus”. Miramax has not listed or done any press for “B. Monkey” so no word on when or if this film will be released. Over at Young, Jonathan has been picked as one of the most promising new faces of 1998.


Great Media Coverage

I was able to pick up Jane, Spin and Elle – get these magazines fast! Elle has some great pictures and so does Spin. Jane has an excellent interview that really lets you get a peak into Jonny’s life. He does say that he and Toni Collette dated for about 11 months but are on a break from one another right now. Jonathan also says in the interview that he still loves her and hopes he marries her one day. He also says he hates acting and has a...


Off to Rome

Due to a delayed plane, Jonathan was late to the premiere of “Velvet Goldmine” at the Edinburgh Film Festival. Jonny recently did a lot of press in New York and London, so be on the look-out for interviews and features in the coming months. Right now, he is vacationing in Africa before he is off to Rome to film “Titus Andronicus”, which has been confirmed.


More Movie News

Recently learned that Jonny was in a film that was completed last April – “The Loss of Sexual Innocence”, starring Julian Sands and Saffron Burrows. Directed by the acclaimed Mike Figgis (“Leaving Las Vegas”, “One Night Stand”), the film is a non-linear collection of short stories about the phases and complexities of sexual activity. Jonny sure likes making films that deal with sex eh? The film was recently picked up by Sony Pictures Classics, who will release it here in the US. It will premiere at the upcoming Venice...

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