The JRMfansite was started on October 23, 1997 by Alyse with the goal of finding out more about this young Irish actor after discovering him in “The Maker”. This site is not done by the sole efforts of one single person. With the help of so many individuals, this site has grown from one small page back in 1997 to the wealth of information and goodies it is today. The JRMfansite is the most respected source for news and information on the career of the talented and unique Jonathan Rhys Meyers. You can read more in the Site FAQ.

A huge thank you and credit to every single person who has sent an email of thanks for doing this web site, signed the guestbook, or who has sent information and images. Special thanks to the support and generosity of Chris Crofts and the Crofts family through the years. And to Jonathan Rhys Meyers, otherwise this site wouldn’t exist! The JRMfansite appreciates the support and without it this site wouldn’t be what it is today!

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