Help celebrate Jonny’s birthday!

To celebrate Jonathan’s upcoming 30th birthday, I’m hoping to get as much involvement as possible by all of you. I’m putting together a special scrapbook full of your letters and artwork. How can you participate? For starters, sign the birthday book! If you have a longer letter, drawing, or collage that you would like to include, please contact me for details on emailing or mailing it to include in the scrapbook. Spread the word so as many as fans as possible see this and participate in celebrating Jonathan’s 30th...


More on August Rush

About.com has an article that details the recent screening of preview footage from “August Rush”. Beware the article does contain plot spoilers. Source: About.com A Musical Preview of August Rush From Fred Topel June 15 2007 Warner Brothers previewed its fall musical August Rush with a live performance of songs and score from the film. Leading up to the performance, they screened footage to put the music into context. Freddie Highmore plays August Rush, an orphan who believes his parents are coming for him. He has a sense for...


Augush Rush trailer!

Finally… the trailer for “August Rush” is now online! Warner Bros. has put up a temporary website for the movie as well. Watch the trailer to be blown away! This really looks incredible and you can hear/see Jonny singing throughout! October 19 can’t come fast enough! Thanks to TDonline for the link.


Music in August Rush

Great article on the music in “August Rush”. There are potential spoilers so I’ve put this behind a cut. Source: MTV, Sheila Terrence Howard/ Robin Williams Flick Could Be Music To Oscar’s Ears ‘August Rush,’ about an 11-year-old guitar prodigy, is due October 19. By Larry Carroll WEST HOLLYWOOD, California — For the sake of more selective filmgoers already developing a headache amid the clamor of summer blockbusters, a little bit of Oscar bait goes a long way. Thankfully, this week had “August” coming early. A small crowd convened...


New look at Tudors Season 2

The first promotional stills are out for the second season of “The Tudors”. Thanks to PopBytes, you can see them in the Gallery now.

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