Recent media sightings

Recent media sightings: there’s a small mention in the March 8th US Weekly in relation to some Colin Farrell gossip. There is a new well-done interview with Jonathan in the February 21 issue of the Irish Independent newspaper. There’s a huge 9 page spread on Jonathan in the French magazine Homme Numéro Spring 2003 issue, a fairly new men’s fashion magazine. This is only issue #7 so it might be hard to track down. Good luck because this magazine is well worth the high price. I’ve scanned in the...


Tidbits on lots of projects

Lots of movie news to report. First up, “Prozac Nation” is now out on DVD in Japan. “The Tesseract” will finally be released in Japanese theatres this spring. There is an official website up with a few new images. According to First Look Home Entertainment, both “The Tesseract” and “Octane” will be out on DVD and video April 2004. No word when exactly or in what formats. “Alexander” has finished production in Thailand. Jonathan recently attended the 2004 Bangkok International Film Festival in support of “Alexander” with fellow cast...


Bend it Like Beckham attention

Award season is upon us and “Bend It Like Beckham” has been getting some attention. It made Entertainment Weekly’s top 10 films of the year at #5. The Editor’s Guild announced it’s nominations and “Bend It Like Beckham” received a nod for Best Film Editing (Comedy). It’s has been nominated for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy) at this year’s Golden Globe awards. The awards will be telecast on January 25. Some good news about “Vanity Fair” to announce. It will have it’s world premiere at this year’s Cannes Film...


Octane news

“Octane” is now out on DVD and video in Australia. Jonathan is featured in a special calendar insert of the January 2004 issue of Japanese Premiere magazine and there is an “Octane” feature in the December issue of UK Elle.


The Disappearance of Finbar on DVD

“The Disappearance of Finbar” is coming out on DVD in the UK October 13, 2003. You can order it through Amazon today.

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