Taking on a legend…

In 2005, Jonathan further made a name for himself by taking on the role of Elvis Presley in a 4 hour miniseries that aired on CBS. He was nominated for an Emmy Award, won a Golden Satellite award, and won the Golden Globe award for his outstanding portrayal of an American icon.

More accolades came Jonny’s way for his scorching performance in Woody Allen’s “Match Point”. He received the Chopard Trophy for outstanding newcomer at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was hailed as a return to form for Woody Allen, garnering excellent reviews and notice for Jonathan’s lead performance. He also starred in his first summer blockbuster “Mission: Impossible III”, playing a member of the team. He displayed his fine singing talent in the charming “August Rush”, co-starring Keri Russell and Freddie Highmore. Starring as King Henry VIII in Showtime’s series “The Tudors”, Jonathan’s star only continued to rise. The series premiered to excellent ratings and reviews, nabbing Jonathan his 2nd Golden Globe nomination and a Best Actor award from the Irish Film and Television Awards. Having worked with actors the likes of Ewan McGregor, Glenn Close, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Lee, James Cromwell, Tom Cruise, Tobey Maguire, and Jessica Lange, Jonathan has established his own unique mark on the world of movie-making without any formal acting training.

Personal tidbits…

Early on in his acting career, Jonathan said many times that he didn’t love acting but was doing it because it kept him off the streets and out of jail. However, he has grown quite passionate about acting and hopes he is accomplishing something with his diverse roles. Jonathan also enjoys listening to all kinds of music from Bob Marley to rap.

Jonathan currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Mara, son Wolf, and dog Toca. He still visits Ireland, spending time with friends and family whenever he has a break from filming. One of his first big purchases when he started making a living as an actor was to buy his mother a proper house in Cork. His father resides in Spain and he frequently visits him there as well. He also owns property in Morocco and London.

Jonny is a talented musician and singer. If you’ve seen “Velvet Goldmine”, you can hear a sampling of his skills on tracks 15 and 18 of the official soundtrack. His guitar and vocal skills are also on display in “August Rush” in several beautiful songs.

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