A career is launched…

Soon after “A Man of No Importance”, Jonathan landed one of the leads in “The Disappearance of Finbar Flynn”, which filmed in Lappland. A thaw occurred in the middle of filming and the shoot had to be postponed for six months. Jonny went home to Cork and soon got a call about “Michael Collins”. He was picked by director Neil Jordan to play the young assassin. Jonathan then filmed the Spanish film “The Killer Tongue”, where he played an 18 year old American boy toy of the lead female character. Jonny hated the experience and was miserable. He was only 18 and very lonely for the 8 week shoot in Madrid. Halfway through filming, he was called back to Lappland to finish the filming of “Finbar”. After completing both films, he went to Morocco to film just 2 scenes as the young Samson in “Samson and Deliah”. It was a 2 week holiday for him and gave Jonny his first taste of Morocco.

Next came “The Tribe”, filmed in London, and then straight to California for “The Maker”, where he only had a week and a half to get ready for an American accent for the part. He succeeded quite well. Jonathan next filmed a role as the wealthy nemesis of the lead, played by Brad Renfro, in “Telling Lies in America”. No rest after that! Jonny went back to London to film “B. Monkey”. He spent almost two years away from home, filming back to back movies as his star continued to rise.

Jonathan next filmed “The Governess” starring Minnie Driver. Then came his breakthrough role as Brian Slade in the ground breaking “Velvet Goldmine”, directed by Todd Haynes and co-starring Ewan McGregor, Christian Bale, and Toni Collette. It won a special artistic achievement award at the Cannes Film Festival where it premiered. At only 19 years of age, Jonathan immersed himself in the role of Brian Slade without holding back. No one else could have come close to capturing the spirit of the larger than life part.

Jonathan went on to film “Ride with the Devil”, “The Loss of Sexual Innocence”, “Titus”, “Tangled”, “The Magnificent Ambersons”, and “Gormenghast”, an acclaimed BBC fantasy miniseries. He starred as a women’s soccer coach in the international box office hit “Bend It Like Beckham”, once again proving he can take on any kind of role. Jonathan also starred in “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” with Clive Owen and directed by the legendary Mike Hodges and had a small role in “Alexander” directed by Oliver Stone.

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