On the Set of Prozac Nation


Vancouver, June 2000

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I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada where Prozac Nation is currently being filmed. Friday morning I arrive on the set of Prozac Nation. They were just going to be finishing up the bar scene from last weekend, so I did not in the least expect Jonathan to be there. I’m getting my hair done by this really nice lady. I asked her if she had ever talked to him or seen him. She didn’t know who he was. She couldn’t get over my obsession. She thought it was so neat that I was nuts over this guy that no one even knows. So she handed me her casting sheet and said to ‘check’. So I’m looking. It said actors on set for the day and all the times and what not. And their characters. I’m looking… ‘Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Noah, Pick up at 9:00am from hotel, on set at 10:30am.’ I FREAKED!!! So I told everyone and yeah, my Jonny loving friend was with me thank goodness!!! We got called to set, they set us up in the bar. Up another flight was where they were shooting the scene. The scene is that Noah introduces himself to Lizzy (Christina Ricci) and tells her that she is the most brilliant student at Harvard and what not but she is all drugged up and it’s kinda weird. So we are waiting for the actors to arrive on set.

I look over to the open door we came into. There is a guy with short brown hair smoking, and drinking Mountain Dew, he is wearing a navy blue shirt, black pants and a long black jacket. It didn’t even look like him from the profile except the way he was standing. I started mumbling ‘Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa Lisa’. My friend knew what I meant. He comes strolling up the stairs and I started crying. Let me get one thing straight, I have never cried and I have met ALL of my favorite bands practically, I have never had a thing for actors as music is my life but when I saw Jonny on VG, that was it. I was so happy I absolutely couldn’t help it.

His chair was right across from us, then he gets up and goes to Ricci’s table in the scene. He looks over at us, looks back at his beer and gets up. Hopefully that’s in the final cut. So we went back to holding for lunch and the hair ladies were there. She couldn’t believe that I was this excited. We went back to set later and I was leaning against a pillar in this scene. I was looking around the room and I saw Jonny’s back in the back of the building, he was doing an interview, probably some sort of ‘Behind the Scenes of Prozac Nation’ type thing. Then he was walking around up on the level I was on. The hair ladies saw me biting my nails and my face turning red. They smiled. He came RIGHT by me to give his jacket to a set guy and was wearing a white muscle shirt and was just walking about. I started crying. Again.

Later on in the scene, he was just watching from about 15 feet away cause he wasn’t in that scene, the hair lady went up to him. She said something to him, he leaned back and looked at me, smiling, and then she pointed down on the floor set to Lisa. For the rest of the time he kept looking at us. A bit later she came to me and said, ‘So I talked to him, I told him that he had a couple really big fans here, and that you were really sweet on him, he said thank you and that is soo sweet.’ Cried again. Then for the rest of the time onset both hair ladies kept asking me if he had come to talk to me…. implying that he said he was going to. So he was sitting by himself while watching everything but I didn’t want him to see me upset, and we aren’t allowed to talk to the actors, and I wanted Lisa to be there.

Later we went outside for air, they told us since it was pissing rain if we want we could go back and sit upstairs. We did that. Jonny came jumping up the stairs singing a Lou Reed song (the one in this movie) in a really funny voice, he was like ‘what a perfect day’ heheh, and yeah .. that set me off again. So we all went back to holding and me and my friend Christina got wrapped and Lisa was sent back to set. I was SOOO MAD. We had to wait for Lisa though, so I got changed, stuck my toque over my HUGE 80’s hair and left for the set. Christina and I waited outside. I asked this set guy if he knew if Jonathan Rhys Meyers was still inside. He didn’t know who he was. Then I blinked and Jonny was standing right there having a smoke. I was like ‘Jonathan!’ He saw me and came walking over with that ADORABLE smirk that he does non-stop in Gormenghast. I pulled out my VG Soundtrack and my sharpie. Conversation was approximately how I remember it:

Me: Can you sign this?
Jonny: Of course, it would be a pleasure. What’s your name?
M: Michelle. Um… how long are you going to be around?
J: I have (I think he said) one more day here and I’ll be filming in Toronto until ____ (Can’t remember).
M: If you have time, my friend Lisa is still inside and she really wants to see you.
J: What’s she wearing?
M: Pink tights, black big 80’s hair and she has a lip ring.
J: I’ll say hi to her.
M: Also when she comes out do you think we could get a quick picture with you.
J: Of course! When your ready just come and get me.
M: Thank you so much!

Remember he is saying this ALL in his Irish accent which is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! He turned to Christina shook her hand and asked her name, then he said ‘Jonny’ introducing himself. He turned to me, grabbed me hand, didn’t really shake it, looked at me for a moment, pulled me in and kissed me with his BIG BEAUTIFUL lips and said that it was a pleasure meeting me. He then kept to the doorway out of the rain, I could have sat next to him and talked to him because I so wanted to but I didn’t want to wear out my welcome. So I turned around and cried. When I was ok I looked over. I think he could tell I was a little flushed and was standing with his hands in his pockets, looked sideways at me and gave me that look but not so dramatic like in Gormenghast when the doctor’s sister is walking down the stairs and he waves and she goes nuts. Then he went inside.

This guy Kevin I know and John were heading back to set. I asked Kev if he sees Lisa tell her to get her FUCKING ASS OUT HERE, I MET HIM. He was scared, but said he would. So I guess John did cause she came out. Then Jonny came out about a minute later to have another smoke. I went up grabbed his arm, he looked at Lisa and was like your ‘L’, Lisa handed him the back part of the VG soundtrack with his ass cause she forgot her’s so I pulled mine part. He asked if she could hold his Mountain Dew. He signed his own ass!! He was like ‘It’s Lisa right?’ Then I said, ‘Can you come over here so we can get a really quick pic with you?’ He said ‘Sure!’ So we did, he put his arms around us as we did to him and stuck his tongue WAYYYY out!! It was the cutest profile I have ever seen. But that won’t be in the pic. Christina took a pic, Lisa hugged him and I turned and wrapped both arms right around him, he squeezed me and gave me a BIG FAT kiss half on my toque and half on my forehead, and I said wait to Jonny, I grabbed the cam and put it up to take a pic of just him. He was like ‘ohh no’. I was like ‘Just one, look up’. He did and I took it. He then said ‘I’m so embarrassed.’ I guess cause he didn’t want it all by himself. I put my hand on his shoulder and said ‘You don’t have to be!’ He then told us it was a pleasure meeting both of us, and thank you. Everyone was right, he is too nice for his own good! He appreciates everyone, a total people person. One more thing – Lisa said they filmed a scene where Jonny and Christina were spinning on this thing and it was going high and he was flailing his arms around and going wooOooOO. CUTEBALL. Jonny has the most beautiful profile.