On the Set of August Rush


New York City, March 7, 2006

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I went down to the set at Irving Plaza in Union Square. I arrived at 7:00AM and asked around if Jonny was expected on the set today. Once I found out he was coming I planted myself on the corner of the street and waited (freezing my butt off, by the way). One guy actually filled me in on which trailer he would go to first so I could hang in that area. That was really nice of him. It saved me a lot of guess-work.

Anyway, on the corner I stood….I just kept looking back and forth down each street. And then all of a sudden I turned to my right and he was crossing the street coming right towards me! He was walking pretty fast since it was so cold, so I called his name and then just started walking with him towards the trailers. I was TOTALLY flustered and have no idea much of what I said to him. I did ask him if he walked from his hotel because I didn’t see him pull up in a car. He told me “a car just dropped me off” in his beautiful Irish accent. Those words are ingrained in my head right now. I also said something like I’ve been trying to meet you for a while and I’m looking forward to seeing this movie. Stuff like that. Not only was I flustered because I was walking down the street having a conversation with Jonny, but it was so cold that my lips were half numb. I noticed he was carrying some books, one must have been the script because it had a lot of little stickies sticking out of it. He also had a can of coke in the other hand.

Anyway, as we got closer to the trailer I spotted someone coming out of the trailer. I asked Jonny if I could take a picture with him and he said yes. I gave my camera to the person who came out of the trailer and he took our picture. Before Jonny went into the trailer I said, “Have a good day” and he said, “Thanks, you too.”

I checked the picture on my digital camera to make sure neither one of us blinked. I did notice that Jonny did his famous “non-smile” pose. I was hoping for a smile, but I guess at this hour and in this cold weather that wasn’t happening. Heck…I’m not picky….I’m just glad I got to meet him! I hung around for about another half an hour and took pics of him going from trailer to trailer. He went inside Irving Plaza and then came back out again. It was cool to just see him walking around the streets of Manhattan. He really does blend in. Anyway, I finally dragged myself away and headed towards Penn Station (I still have to go to work today). I smiled the whole way home on the train. People must have thought I was “on something”. Actually, I was…it was a “Jonny-High”!