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NameCountryContactFave Role
Allie Philippines - urlHimself
Anna Philippinesemail - urlAll of them
Anne Marie A. Philippines - urlLouis Connelly
Beryl D. Philippinesemail - urlAll of them
Cha Philippinesemail - urlAll of them
Chie V. Philippines - urlJoe
Dudie Philippinesemail - urlCassander
Elouisa E. Philippines - urlLouis Connelly
Katrina S. Philippines - urlHimself
Kim Philippines - urlBrian Slade
Lilian Philippinesemail - urlJoe
Lorence Philippines - urlAll of them
Lorina Philippines - urlKing Philip of France
Maria Philippines - urlAll of them
Pat Philippinesemail - urlJoe
Purita Monica Ann S. Philippines - urlChiron
Rina Philippines - urlAll of them
Thea Philippines - urlJoe