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NameCountryContactFave Role
Alicya Franceemail - urlKing Henry VIII
Alisea France - urlBrian Slade
Aminta France - urlJoe
Angelique France - urlHimself
Anna France - urlChris Wilton
Anne-Sophie Franceemail - urlBrian Slade
Anya France - urlBrian Slade
Aude Franceemail - urlLouis Connelly
Audrey France - urlAll of them
Boyoon France - urlAll of them
Broch Franceemail - urlChris Wilton
bugg France - urlHenry Cavendish
Clemence France - urlBrian Slade
Clemence C. France - urlChris Wilton
Coralie France - urlJoe
Edwige France - urlAll of them
Eleonore France - urlJoe
Elo France - urlJoe
Emilie France - urlKing Henry VIII
Emma France - urlJoe
Eric G. France - urlBrian Slade
Eva France - urlChiron
Flora Franceemail - urlJoe
Géry France - urlBrian Slade
Gaëlle France - urlElvis Presley
Hermiana Franceemail - urlChris Wilton
Jessangel France - urlSteerpike
Jessica Franceemail - urlAll of them
Juventina France - urlKing Philip of France
Karine France - urlAll of them
Kris France - urlKing Henry VIII
Laurent H. Franceemail - urlAll of them
Lea Franceemail - urlChris Wilton
Lore Franceemail - urlChris Wilton
Louise France - urlHimself
Lucienne Franceemail - urlAll of them
Maeva France - urlJoe
Mandy France - urlAll of them
Maritna D. Franceemail - urlAll of them
Millardet S. France - urlJoe
Nathalie Franceemail - urlKing Henry VIII
Nee C. France - urlBrian Slade
Nicole France - urlBrian Slade
Poppies Franceemail - urlAll of them
Seb France - urlAll of them
Solène France - urlJoe
Sophie France - urlChris Wilton
Xstiane France - urlBrian Slade
Yardena G. France - urlAll of them