2013 October

NY Post

Jonathan Rhys Meyers takes a bite out of classic ‘Dracula’ role By Robert Rorke NY Post, October 19, 2013 With all the supernatural creatures populating the fall TV landscape, it was just a matter of time before Dracula made his entrance. The granddaddy of vampires is back and inhabited by the compact frame and penetrating blue eyes of Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. With his talent for playing playing monsters — Henry VIII on “The Tudors” comes to mind — Rhys Meyers says he’s more than willing to follow...


USA Today

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: A regular guy The ‘Dracula’ star talks America, the red carpet and reading material. USA Today, October 18, 2013 Five things you should know about Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 36, as he takes on the iconic leading role in Dracula, NBC’s new drama debuting Oct. 25. He’s fond of America: “I don’t understand why Europeans are so rough on Americans; there are an immense amount of smart and lovely people in your country,” the Dublin-born star says. He’s not a sharer: “No Instagram pictures of me on a bloody...


The Independent

Interview with the vampire: Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Dracula Jonathan Rhys Meyers has ‘something of the night about him’ – so he’s well cast as Dracula. Sarah Hughes meets him By Sarah Hughes The Independent, October 18, 2013 The first time I meet Jonathan Rhys Meyers he has been filming all day in 40-degree heat with ice packs strapped underneath his three-piece suit to stay cool. Playing the lead in a new version of Dracula, an ambitious co-production between the US network NBC and the UK’s Sky Living, has meant...


Countdown to Dracula is heating up!

The countdown to “Dracula” is heating up! Sky Living hosted a special screening of the pilot episode with a cast Q&A that Jonathan attended in London. Props and costumes from the show were on display. You can see behind the scenes photos of the gorgeous production design on The Hollywood Reporter. Sky Ireland held a premiere for the show at Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin on October 10. Jonathan introduced the pilot screening by reading a passage from Bram Stoker’s original novel. A Q&A with cast members followed along with...


Radio Times

Jonathan Rhys Meyers – I didn’t want my Dracula to be anything like my friend Christopher Lee’s The actor says he was keen to keep his performance distinct from Lee’s “iconic” take on the role By Ben Dowell Radio Times, October 10, 2013 Jonathan Rhys Meyers has revealed that his friendship with actor Christopher Lee encouraged him to make his own Dracula as different from Lee’s “iconic” performance as possible. Speaking at the launch of Sky Living’s new drama series Dracula, which premieres on the channel on 31 October,...


Belle du Seigneur coming soon on DVD

“Belle du Seigneur” is finally getting a release in North America after being released theatrically in Russia and France. It’ll be out on DVD in Canada on December 10. The English title is “A Grand Affair”. There is no description yet of what else the disc may contain or what version of the film this will be, but this may be the only way to pick up a NTSC version of the film. You can preorder the DVD now on Amazon.ca.

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