2013 September

“Another Me” in competition at Rome Film Festival

The Rome Film Festival is taking place November 8-17, 2013 and they have just announced 4 new films that will be screened in competition. “Panda Eyes” is one of the films but it’s officially changed names back to the original novel title, “Another Me”. “Another Me” is due for release in UK theatres on November 15. It’s likely to receive a world premiere in Rome first. No word yet on release dates for “Another Me” in other countries.


Dracula news and gallery updates

“Dracula” promotion is heating up and more publicity images including new posters were released. 10 new stills have been added to the Gallery as well 4 previous images have been updated to larger size versions. Parade posted a new interview with Jonathan as well as Entertainment Weekly, where the “Star Wars” rumors are debunked. Sky Living released a video of cast interviews. Unfortunately, the video is only available to those in the UK and Ireland. And New York Comic Con is just around the corner. No word yet on...



Dracula’s Jonathan Rhys Meyers: ‘I Look Like the Bad Guy’ By Erin Hill Parade, September 15, 2013 In Dracula, Jonathan Rhys Myers, 36, portrays a dashing version of the iconic vampire, who battles ancient enemies in Victorian London. (NBC, premieres Oct. 25). What first drew you to the role of Dracula? When you’re offered iconic roles like this, you take the opportunity to play them. I thought it would be interesting. It’s a variation on a theme, which is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, we can’t just repeat and give the...


New Dracula promotional stills

With the NBC premiere of “Dracula” only 7 weeks away now, new promotional photos are popping up. Five new stills have been added to the Gallery. Early previews of the pilot episode have been trickling out as well with many saying Jonathan has been perfectly cast as the title character.