2012 October

Celebrating 15 years!

Wow. 15 years! It’s very hard to believe, but the JRMfansite has now been up and running in some form for 15 years! That makes this website a dinosaur in internet years. The original website was hosted free on Tripod (and shocker, it’s also still around!) It was a single page with one little photo of Jonathan (see to the right) and we still weren’t sure if his last name was Rhys-Meyers, Rhys Myers, or Rhys (no hyphen) Meyers. It was my attempt to find out more information about...


Dracula gets a showrunner

While Jonathan is now in Toronto for filming of “City of Bones”, great news was announced this week that “Dracula” has a showrunner and head writer. Dan Knauf, the creator of the acclaimed HBO series “Carnivale”, has joined “Dracula”. From Deadline: ‘Carnivale’ Creator to Run NBC’s ‘Dracula’ By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Monday October 8, 2012 @ 5:38pm PDT EXCLUSIVE: Dan Knauf, creator of the cult HBO series Carnivale, has joined NBC’s upcoming 10-episode series Dracula as showrunner/head writer, working with series creator Cole Haddon. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is set...