2007 Emmy nominations

The 2007 Emmy nominations were announced this morning. “The Tudors” snagged 4 nominations in: Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-camera Series Outstanding Casting For A Drama Series Outstanding Costumes For A Series Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music See the full list of nominations.


New Tudors promo

Showtime has posted a new promo for the second season of “The Tudors” on their website. Thanks to Amsy for the link. And Jonathan has been nominated in the category Best Actor and “The Tudors” as Best Mini-Series for the Seoul Drama Awards 2007. Thanks to Sheila for the link.


Jonny in OK!

Jonathan is featured in a 5 page article in the new issue of OK! Magazine (Issue 579 – July 10, 2007 – UK edition). Thanks to fellow fan Clarissa, I’ve added the transcribed article to the press archive. Update: I’ve added the introduction to the article and have added the new scan from the article to the Gallery. And reminder, if you haven’t already, please sign the birthday book. The deadline is July 12th. We’re up to 168 entries. Again, if you would like to submit a piece of...



Jonathan Rhys Meyers By Justin Power and Gemma Watson OK!, July 10, 2007 ‘All actors are bitter and twisted — including me!’ The ‘Match Point’ star on the problem with Hollywood — And why he wants to be Tom Cruise! Jonathan Rhys Meyers — he’s the sparky Irish actor who has quietly taken Hollywood by storm. With a track record that includes working with the likes of directing legend Woody Allen, screen icon Tom Cruise and Hollywood siren Scarlett Johansson, it’s clear Jonathan, 29, can hold his...


New photos and video

Added 2 new stills from “August Rush” to the Gallery. Another link was found by redshoes77 to the complete press conference given in China last Spring for “The Children of Haung Shi”. You can view the question and answer session without Chinese dubbing.


Preview footage

You can watch some preview footage of “The Children of Haung Shi” on Sina. It is video of a previous press conference that showed a preview trailer with Chinese narration over the top. Thanks to Mouret for the link.


Mass Clean Up of Fanlisting

Just a head’s up that I’m doing a cleaning up of the Jonathan Rhys Meyers fanlisting. I’m sending out emails (slowly) to every member. If emails get bounced back for not existing, I will attempt to find new emails or be forced to delete members for not having current information. You can check the list to review your member info. It’s very easy to update your own information to be sure it’s current. If you have any problems doing so, you can contact me for help. And of course,...


Transcript added

I’ve added the transcript from Jonathan’s live chat that was held last Monday. Unfortunately, the moderator had problems blocking participants who were not conducting themselves maturely in the chat. Jonathan was bombarded with many silly and ridiculous questions. I’ve heavily modified the transcript to those questions that he actually answered. I’ve also added 5 images of Jonathan on set filming the second season of “The Tudors.” Enjoy. And just to update about the Birthday Book project… there are now 50 entries. If you haven’t participated yet, please check it...


Gold Derby Live Chat

Gold Derby Live Chat Session with Jonathan Rhys Meyers What follows is a heavily edited version of Jonathan’s live internet chat held by The Gold Derby on June 18, 2007. You can read the full transcript on Gold Derby’s website. cyndi21: Jonathan, what has been your most memorable professional project so far? Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Most memorable prof project thus far: Children of Huang Shi rougevelvet: How was it working with your brother in August Rush? Is he bitten by the acting bug, or will he stick to music?...


Help celebrate Jonny’s birthday!

To celebrate Jonathan’s upcoming 30th birthday, I’m hoping to get as much involvement as possible by all of you. I’m putting together a special scrapbook full of your letters and artwork. How can you participate? For starters, sign the birthday book! If you have a longer letter, drawing, or collage that you would like to include, please contact me for details on emailing or mailing it to include in the scrapbook. Spread the word so as many as fans as possible see this and participate in celebrating Jonathan’s 30th...

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