Rome premiere of August Rush

Jonathan is expected to attend the Rome Film Festival for the world premiere of “August Rush”. The film will be showing as part of the Alice in the City competition. The festival runs from today, October 18 to October 27. “August Rush” will premiere Saturday, October 20 with two screenings at 5pm (Santa Cecilia) and 10:30pm (Politeama). Sources: Variety, AP, Rome Film Festival


Tudors renewed in the UK

Tudor reign continues on BBC Two BBC News, 17 October 2007 The second series of popular historical TV drama The Tudors will be shown next year, the BBC has confirmed. Created by Michael Hirst, writer of the film Elizabeth, the series was shot in Ireland over the summer with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the young Henry VIII. Hirst promises “old and new conflicts, both at court and outside it”. Launched earlier this month, The Tudors has been a ratings success for BBC Two with an average audience of 3.2...


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Reign Man By Justin Monroe Complex, October 2007 Years removed from his pretty-boy days, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is ready to assume the throne. Contrary to what Medieval Times employees might tell you (before the jousting, and after the appetizers), kings aren’t born, they’re made—and Jonathan Rhys Meyers is no stranger to the coronation, having already been anointed twice. As the King of (Stolen) Rock ‘n’ Roll in 2005’s TV movie Elvis and as England’s Henry VIII on Showtime’s hit The Tudors, Meyers learned that rulers grow into...


August Rush clip

MSN has an exclusive clip from “August Rush” which shows footage of Jonathan singing: “August Rush” is making another festival appearance. It’s set to play the Hamptons Film Festival on October 20 (at 6pm) and 21 (at 1pm and 4pm). Unfortunately, tickets are already sold out for all 3 screenings.


Globe and Mail

Leader of the Tudor Rat Pack By Gayle MacDonald Globe and Mail, October 8, 2007 Like most of us, Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers carried around the image in his head of King Henry VIII as “quite repulsive, overweight and racked with illness,” a stereotype reinforced by the official royal portraits painted in the latter days of the bloated king’s 38-year reign. Reached in Dublin, his birthplace, the 30-year-old star of Showtime’s hit series The Tudors (the 10-part first season is now airing on CBC-TV) says he never dreamed...



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The Tudors

Treachery, treason and trollops By Patricia Treble Macleans, October 1, 2007 Rarely has a series slogan been so apt: Romance. Seduction. Murder. Just another day at the office. The Tudors is to a history lesson what Jackie Collins is to fiction-a suck ’em in and hold ’em drama that won’t let go. Think of the worst machinations of The Office or Desperate Housewives and then multiply by 100. The Tudors’ cool, hip and rollicking good fun never lets up, even when the script deviates from the numerous bedroom scenes...



Jonathan Rhys Meyers By Helen Whitaker InStyle, October 2007 Those eyes, that accent… If anyone can make Henry VIII sexy, this Irishman can. We do our best not to lose our head over the 30-year-old star of The Tudors. You were brought up in Cork, moved to London and now live in LA – where do you call home these days? “LA. I’ve owned a house there for seven or eight months. It’s a very peaceful place, although it’s not the most spontaneous city. That’s what I...



King of the swingers Telegraph, September 29, 2007 BBC2’s new drama shows a Henry VIII far removed from the ageing monster of legend. Its writer and stars tell Michael Deacon why they’ve sexed him up Natalie Dormer, who plays Anne Boleyn, has just finished her final sex scene with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who plays Henry VIII. “We were laughing and joking a lot,” she says. “He was winking all the time and saying, ‘Bring me Jane Seymour, I’m done with this one!’” The two were filming an episode of...

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