Gallery Update

Update to the Gallery with 30 new images: Added 10 images to Miscellaneous Events & Parties and 5 to Awards Shows in the Out on the Town section of the Gallery Added 2 new photos from “The Children of Huang Shi” Added 7 new stills, replaced 1 still with a larger one, and added 6 Oscar trade ads from “Match Point” I’ve also re-added 7 pages to the filmography section (Gormenghast, The Magnificent Ambersons, The Lion in Winter, Elvis, Michael Collins, The Tribe, and The Governess). More on the...


Tudors premiere date

According to both TV Guide and Entertainment Weekly, “The Tudors” will be premiering on Showtime on Sunday, April 1. Both magazines new issues have 2007 TV previews with 2 new images from “The Tudors”.


Tudors online

Showtime has finally put up a website for The Tudors. There’s not a lot of content yet but there’s a new promo image (which will be added to the Gallery shortly) and you can sign up for email updates. You can also view the trailer. Note: The website is only accessible by users in the U.S. Anyone outside the U.S. is not able to access the website unfortunately.


More behind the scenes photos!

Added 3 new behind the scenes photos from the filming of “The Children of Huang Shi” and replaced one still image with a newer larger version that is not watermarked. 2007 looks be an exciting year for Jonathan and us fans with The Tudors airing, August Rush being released, and more film projects on the horizon. Happy new year to everyone who visits the site!

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