The Pension is Safe By Ingo Mocek Neon, February 2007 Mr Rhys Meyers, after your advertising contract with Versace you signed with Boss. Soon you will be the new face for “Hugo”. Aren’t you an actor? Yes, why? Aren’t you afraid to be noticed more for your work as a model than for your movies “Match Point” and “Velvet Goldmine”? I have lots of fears. My mother used to say: “Luck and bad luck are two dogs that are constantly following each other”. And what does that...



Added 12 images to the Gallery and 2 articles to the Press section: 7 images from Nylon Guys, Summer 2006 2 images and the article from InStyle, June 2006 3 images and the article from Neon, February 2007 (thanks to Kat for scanning the images and translating the article)


Press for Children of Haung Shi

Added 8 images from a recent press conference held in China for “The Children of Haung Shi”. Jonathan took part with his co-stars Radha Mitchell and Chow Yun-Fat. There’s also video from the press conference up on Sina (I wasn’t able to get this to work but it may work for others.) And during the press conference it was announced that the world premiere of the film is scheduled to be held in Huang Shi in November 2007 (thanks to Michelle Yeoh Info for this news).


Alexander Revisited

According to a press release from Warner Home Video, Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut will be available on a 2-disc DVD set on February 27. The DVD will reportedly contain 45 minues of never-before-seen footage. Oliver Stone is quoted as saying: “Over the last two years I have been able to sort out some of the unanswered questions about this highly complicated and passionate monarch — questions I failed to answer dramatically enough. This film represents my complete and last version, as it will contain all the essential footage...


JRMfansite livejournal community

I’ve opened up a livejournal community for the JRMfansite. Anytime I post news or updates to the site it will be cross-posted to the livejournal. I may upgrade to a paid account so I can make it look a lot better but in terms of functionality, the cross-posting works. The main purpose of the livejournal however, is for me to have a backup in case of any downtime with this site. Considering “The Tudors” is coming out soon, this site’s traffic is bound to increase and there’s the potential...


New Stills released

Sony Pictures Classic has released new stills from “The Children of Huang Shi” with a to be announced release date in 2007. 10 stills were added to the Gallery.


Artwork to enjoy

Added 19 amazing drawings by fellow Jonny fans to the Gallery. You must check out how talented these fans are! Also added 1 digital art image and 2 wallpapers. More site updates include adding 3 new affiliates and 1 article to the press archive.


New Scans

There is an adorable interview with Jonathan in the January issue of Company magazine out on UK newstands. This is the first time he publicly comments that he is now single saying, “I don’t have the time to put into a relationship. I’m just not around. It’s difficult with this job.” Added 2 images from the article to the Gallery thanks to Shaznic.


Screen Caps added

Added 73 screen captures from “Telling Lies in America”. Added the filmography page for the movie too. Eventually, I will be redoing and adding more screen captures from Jonathan’s many films.


Spring Versace preview

The new Spring 2007 Versace ads with Jonathan are now starting to show up in magazines. Big thanks to Italian fan Regina for sending in a beautiful scan from a fashion magazine in Italy. The ad is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing how the rest turn out!

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