2007 November

New stills

Added several new stills to the Gallery: August Rush (+1) The Children of Haung Shi (+5) There’s also news that “The Children of Haung Shi” may be retitled to “The Bitter Sea”.


August Rush

Lilting ‘August Rush’ is poetry in emotion By Claudia Puig USA TODAY, November 23, 2007 August Rush (* * * out of four) will not be for everyone, but it works if you surrender to its lilting and unabashedly sentimental tale of evocative music and visual poetry. If you choose to focus on the plot’s many contrivances, the film falters. But thanks to some wonderfully appealing and emotional performances by Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Terrence Howard, this urban fairy tale/drama weaves a captivating spell. Director...


Video Round-Up

Jonathan’s appearance on The View did air today. Despite the mentions of Thanksgiving being tomorrow, the show was actually taped early last week. You can view the excellent interview on ABC’s website right now (watch it now since it won’t be up for that long). You can also download Jonathan’s appearance on TRL thanks to the Keri Russell in Motion fansite.


August Rush

August Rush By Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times, November 21, 2007 Here is a movie drenched in sentimentality, but it’s supposed to be. I dislike sentimentality where it doesn’t belong, but there’s something brave about the way “August Rush” declares itself and goes all the way with coincidence, melodrama and skillful tear-jerking. I think more sensitive younger viewers, in particular, might really like it. The story is a very free modern adaptation of elements from Oliver Twist. We meet Evan Taylor (Freddie Highmore), an 11-year-old who runs away from his...


More unfortunate news

According to news reports now hitting the web, Jonathan’s dear mother Geraldine Meyers sadly passed away yesterday. Deepest sympathy and condolences to the Meyers-O’Keeffe family during this difficult time. Unless further official statements are made, no other news reports will be posted at this time. Feel free to comment with your well wishes here and show your support to Jonathan by enjoying his new film “August Rush” opening tomorrow. From the Irish Examiner: Rhys Meyers’s mother dies in hospital By Dan Collins and Sean O’Riordan 21 November 2007 The...


Added new articles

Added several new articles to the Press section (special thanks to Rhiannon for transcribing a couple of these): New Woman (UK), December 2007 Cosmopolitan (UK), December 2007 Los Angeles Times (US), November 18, 2007 The Times (UK), November 10, 2007


Los Angeles Times

For Jonathan Rhys Meyers, it’s time to grow up By William Georgiades Los Angeles Times, November 18, 2007 Setting his sights on more mature roles, the actor says he’s tired of just playing pretty boy. NEW YORK — “YOU can only do so many skinny pretty-boy roles,” declares Jonathan Rhys Meyers in a downtown New York cafe. He’s just come from a taping of “Live With Regis and Kelly,” where he was interviewed by guest host Vince Vaughn. “I decided I had to become more masculine and move away...


Unfortunate news

You can watch Jonathan’s appearance on Tubridy Tonight on RTÉ’s website. Unfortunately, the day after the taping, Jonathan ran into trouble at the Dublin airport. From the Associated Press: Rhys Meyers Arrested at Dublin Airport By SHAWN POGATCHNIK DUBLIN, Ireland (AP) — Jonathan Rhys Meyers, star of the Henry VIII soap opera “The Tudors,” has been charged with public drunkenness and breach of the peace at Dublin Airport, police said Monday. Rhys Meyers, 30, was arrested Sunday after police twice confronted him over his erratic, abusive behavior at an...


August Rush premiere photos

Quick update to the Gallery of images from the “August Rush” premiere. I’ve added 18 images from various press sources and 8 images that I took myself at the premiere. More updates on the way!


August Rush previews

Can’t wait until Wednesday? “August Rush” is having special sneak preview screenings this Saturday at select movie theatres around the U.S. Check your local paper or Moviefone to see if it’s showing near you. There are two fabulous contest running now to promote “August Rush”: Lyric Culture is currently selling a specially designed t-shirt inspired by the movie and helping to benefit Young Artists International. They are also holding a contest to win a Gibson guitar autographed by the film’s stars, the limited edition t-shirt, and a guitar pick...

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