2007 February

Another Versace Ad

Added another Versace ad starring Jonathan. Included are some close-ups of just Jonathan. Huge thanks to Daniel for sharing this gorgeous scan!


New Tudors Stills

Added some lovely new stills from “The Tudors”: 9 new stills and replaced one previous small image with a larger one. And thanks to everyone who has visted and enjoyed the gallery… the views have hit over 1 million! Considering the new gallery has only been up since August, I can only imagine what the stats would be if I’d been tracking them over the years. This also made me realize that coming this October will be the 10 year anniversary of the JRMfansite! Crazy! I will have to...



The Pension is Safe By Ingo Mocek Neon, February 2007 Mr Rhys Meyers, after your advertising contract with Versace you signed with Boss. Soon you will be the new face for “Hugo”. Aren’t you an actor? Yes, why? Aren’t you afraid to be noticed more for your work as a model than for your movies “Match Point” and “Velvet Goldmine”? I have lots of fears. My mother used to say: “Luck and bad luck are two dogs that are constantly following each other”. And what does that...

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