2007 February

Tudors Street Team

M80 has started a Tudors online promotion team that anyone can join for free. You get access to photos and contests to help promote the show. You can register anytime. (Thanks to JRM Update for spreading the word on this!)


Tudors Videos

Showtime has their own YouTube channel where they’ve posted a number of promos and clips from “The Tudors”. If you can’t view the official website, this is a great way to see the videos.


More Tudors Stills

And we keep getting spoiled with goodies from “The Tudors”! Added 19 new images and replaced 1 with a nicer version from “The Tudors” (thanks to JRM Update for the source on these.)


Peek at August Rush

Still no official word on a release date for “August Rush”. In recent articles about Keri Russell’s wedding, it’s mentioned that “August Rush” is set for release later this year. You can view a short peek at “August Rush” at Brainstorm Digital’s website. Click on REEL, then roll over the first square. The short clip shows 2 scenes and the visual effects that Brainstorm worked on. The first is a quick shot of Keri after playing the cello in Central Park and shows the before and after of adding...


New Stills

Showtime has updated their website with new photos from “The Tudors”. Added 10 stills that were new to the Gallery.


Children wraps

From the Hollywood Reporter: Sony Classics picks up ‘Huang Shi’ By Gregg Goldstein Feb 20, 2007 NEW YORK — Sony Pictures Classics has picked up all North American rights to “The Children of Huang Shi,” a fact-based war drama filmed in China starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Radha Mitchell, Chow Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh. Roger Spottiswoode’s feature, which wrapped three months of shooting Friday in Shanghai, tells the story of a British reporter (Rhys Meyers) in China during the country’s invasion by Japan in 1937. He rescues 60 war orphans...


Showtime Update

Showtime has updated their Tudors website. You can now view 4 different promos and an inside look video. If you are outside the US and can’t view the Showtime website, you can use a web proxy website to view the site.


Tudors peek

From Liz Smith’s column (thanks to Sheila for passing this along), comes word that “The Children of Huang Shi” will wrap up filming next week and word on “The Tudors” press screening. It’s mention that Jonny will begin promotion for “The Tudors” in mid-March: JONATHAN RHYS Meyers finishes shooting “The Children of Huang Shi” (with Chow Yun-Fat and Radha Mitchell) in China this coming Thursday. He’ll rest briefly before beginning promotion of his upcoming series, “The Tudors,” in mid-March. A small group of press- and industry- types joined Showtime...


Alexander: the Final Cut

Warner Bros. has put up a trailer with Oliver Stone discussing the new Alexander Revisted DVD. The new cut is 3½ hours long with an intermission. Still no word if any of the new footage contains more of Jonathan as Cassander. The DVD is set for release in the US on February 27 and in the UK on April 2.


More Tudors!

Added more 9 new images from “The Tudors” and replaced one previous image with a larger one.

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