TV Appearances Scheduled

Jonathan will be appearing on The View this Thursday! And Jonathan will also be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, set to air late Friday night. Jimmy Kimmel Live is taping Jonathan’s interview on Jan. 12. You can find out about tickets through 1iota. The View has standby tickets you can look into if you wanted to attend that taping. (Thanks Shelia)


August Rush

From Production Weekly (thanks to moonatnight for passing this along): “Mission: Impossible 3″ co-stars Keri Russell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers, may reunite on Kirsten Sheridan’s upcoming fantasy love story “August Rush”. Freddie Highmore (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”) and Robin Williams star in the film, which starts shooting February 13 in New York. Set in Central Park, it’s the story of young lovers and gifted musical prodigies Louis and Lyla have one night together before they are parted for ten years. But that one night leaves a legacy of...



All Dressed Up by Stephen Garrett Esquire, January 2006 WHETHER AS A MOODY glam rocker in 1998’s Velvet Goldmine , a rugged soccer coach in 2002’s Bend It Like Beckham , or as the King himself in 2005’s CBS miniseries Elvis , twenty-eight-year-old Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers has angled his brooding visage and stormy screen presence into one of the most promising careers of the past decade. Now Woody Allen’s London-set Match Point signals potential fulfilled. In it, Rhys Meyers plays an Irish striver who trades...


Chicago Sun-Times

FaceTime: Q&A with Jonathan Rhys Meyers By Cindy Pearlman Chicago Sun-Times, January 11, 2006 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers makes a point out of it: The male lead of “Match Point” hasn’t changed his life thanks to fabulous reviews. “I’m back in England at the moment. My agents and managers are like, ‘You should be in America walking on air,’ ” he says. “But maybe that’s not the best thing for a 28-year-old male to be doing.” In the movie, he plays a real cad who is cheating with Scarlett Johansson. In...

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