2006 July

Jonny’s Brothers

Jonathan’s 3 talented brothers, Jamie, Allen, and Paul, used to be in the band Suzy’s Field. What have they been up to lately? They have now formed a new band called The Ok’s. Check out their Myspace page. You can listen to a couple of demos and view a photo of the band. Jamie will be appearing in “August Rush” playing a band member with his big brother. Also sending birthday greetings to Jonathan! Hoping he has a marvelous day!


The Tribe on DVD

One of Jonathan’s most elusive films, “The Tribe” is now available on DVD in NTSC format. You can order a copy through Amazon.com now. Previous copies floating around were all made from when “The Tribe” has aired on TV so it’s a real treat to get this now in proper DVD format. Jonathan does not have a large role and does not have many lines, but he is seen throughout the film in the background or in love scenes.


Versace preview

A preview of Jonathan’s Versace ads above thanks to Meaghan for sharing. Credit to the Versace website that has posted the new campaign preview. And more details on the Versace ad campaign thanks to Shelia: Rhys Meyers Following in Halle & Demi’s FootstepsPosted Jul 18th 2006 12:38PM by TMZ Staff “M:I:3″ star Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the new face of Versace’s fall ad campaign. After enlisting the services of beautiful Hollywood heavyweights like Halle Berry, Demi Moore and Madonna in seasons past, Versace chose the Irish heartthrob to spearhead...


5th Annual Birthday Store

The 5th annual JRM birthday store is now open! All proceeds from the sale of these items will be donated to the Barnardos Children’s Charity in honor of Jonathan’s upcoming birthday. Past projects have managed to raise over $1,675 for Barnardos. Let’s make this year a great one! Spread the word about the store to as many fans as you can.