2006 May

New Project in the works

Jonathan is featured in the June 2006 issue of UK Glamour. And Production Weekly is reporting a new project for Jonathan that would start production late this year (and presumably after he completes production on 11 episodes of “The Tudors”): Michelle Williams to Play Bronte Source: Production Weekly May 11, 2006 Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Williams (Brokeback Mountain) is set to play the title character in Angela Workman’s Bronte, reports Production Weekly. The big screen biopic is based on the life of Charlotte Bronte, author of classic novel “Jane Eyre.”...


Versace and Hugo Boss rumors

Jonathan is featured in the June issues of Instyle (as a Man of Style) and Out (called “Hottest Straight Guy We Wish Was Gay”) magazines. And the Versace and Hugo Boss rumors appear to be true. He has signed deals to appear in ad campaigns for both companies. From the Irish Examiner: Speaking from a promotional tour in Amsterdam, Rhys-Meyers said: “They felt it was the right time to ask me and, naturally, I jumped at the chance.” And he joked: “It’s certainly handy to earn the extra few...



Jonathan appeared on MTV’s TRL yesterday afternoon with the cast of “Mission Impossible 3″. Jonny also attended the AngloMania Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday night. And Jonathan is currently in the May issue of Jane magazine. Tonight is the premiere of “Mission: Impossible III” in New York City. You can watch live coverage from the premiere on Yahoo! Movies.



Nice Work If You Can Get It By Will Doig Blackbook, May 2006 From a glam ambisexual rocker and a Napoleonic-era boy toy to a scheming Irish tennis coach, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has all the right moves. “True luck is the ultimate coup d’état,” says Jonathan Rhys Meyers, referring to his character in Woody Allen’s Match Point, though he could just as easily be describing his own career. Kicked out of school at age 15, he was discovered by a casting agent while loitering in a pool...



JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS By Shari Roman Flaunt, May 2006 The Irish heartbreaker broke ground in Velvet Goldmine, Bend It Like Beckham, Alexander, and the miniseries Elvis. The blockbuster Mission: Impossible III seals the deal on his bankable fame. “If I was a director,” bluffs Jonathan Rhys Meyers, “I would torture my actors. Torture them, torture them!” It’s a rainy afternoon in Manhattan in April, and up until 7:45 this morning, Rhys Meyers has been shooting the film August Rush with Keri Russell, his costar from Mission: Impossible...