2005 September

Match Point website up

Dreamworks has finally put up the official trailer for Match Point on their website. This is the US version of the trailer and it looks fantastic!


Match Point trailer

The French website for Match Point is now online. The film will be released there October 26. You can also view the first look at a trailer for the film (both the dubbed and subtitled versions). The trailer can also be viewed along with a clip from the film at Kino Express (thanks Shelia). Match Point was recently shown during the San Sebastian Film Festival and is set for limited release in the US on December 28.


Emmy Awards

Jonathan attended yesterday’s Emmy Awards and looked splendid on the red carpet. “Elvis” did not manage to win any awards. Jonathan also attended 2 pre-Emmy parties: Entertainment Weekly’s pre-Emmy party and the 3rd annual BAFTA tea party, both held on September 17.


Mixte magazine

Jonathan is on the cover of French magazine Mixte this month with photographs by David Bailey. No official word yet if Jonathan will be attending this coming weekend’s Emmy Awards. Though it’s highly likely he’ll be able to take a break from the filming of “Mission: Impossible 3″, because it’s currently filming in and around Los Angeles.



Boy on Fire By Dave Calhoun Mixte, September 2005 He’s charmed Hollywood with his sultry pout, playing rockstars and tearaways. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers talks about working with Woody Allen and donning Elvis’ quiff. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has a lot of balls. I know this because I’m standing next to the 28-year-old actor in photographer David Bailey’s central London studio and I can see his testicles protruding from within a very tight pair of stylish white briefs. I know this for another reason too: only someone with balls of absolute steel would...