2004 November


David Bailey vs Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Blackbook, October/November 2004 In which a legendary photographer swaps wit and wisdom with Woody Allen’s latest leading man on the absurdity of celebrity, the irrelevance of education, and Michelangelo’s jewelry line. David Bailey is one of the world’s most famous photographers, almost as well known for his sexual conquests (among them ‘60s model Jean Shrimpton and actress Catherine Deneuve) as for his timeless portraits. The inspiration for Antonioni’s cult movie, Blow Up, Bailey epitomizes a certain kind of brash, working-class Englishman who...


Featured in Cosmo

Jonathan is featured in the December issue of US Cosmopolitan, the scan of which is already in the Gallery of this site. Jonathan attended the premiere of “Vanity Fair” at the London Film Festival and presented an award at the British Fashion Awards last week.