2004 October


Jonathan has been popping up in magazines left and right. There’s a great interview between Jonathan and photographer David Bailey (responsible for so many amazing photos of Jonny) in the October issue of Blackbook magazine. And in the October issue of L’Optimum magazine, there is a stunning 8 page photo spread on Jonathan. This is a French magazine so it may be more difficult to find. Lastly, it appears the Woody Allen Summer Project may now have a title: Match Point. It has not been officially confirmed yet though.


Alexander coming soon

Lots of cool news to report. First off, “Vanity Fair” will be shown at the London Film Festival on November 1 and 2. It’s not due out theatrically in the UK until January 14 of next year. The release date for “Alexander” has been pushed back from November 5 to November 24. The premiere will be November 16 at the Village theatre in Westwood, California. You can view more trailers of “Alexander” that include snippets of Jonathan at The Movie Box. HBO is airing a first look at “Alexander”....