2004 April

Video message to fans

“The Emperor’s Wife” is playing May 7 at the Commonwealth Film Festival in Manchester, England. (Thanks to Gadhelic for that info.) Jonathan is featured in the May issues of the Japanese editions of Glamourous and Dazed & Confused. There is also an excellent write-up in the May issue of Sight & Sound on “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”. You can view a wonderful video message from Jonathan to all his fans about his recent trip to Japan and “The Tesseract” at the Artist Film website. It’s not to be...


Homme Numéro

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers By Nathalie Fraser Homme Numéro, Spring n.7 2004 1977, the year punk broke. It’s also the year in which Jonathan Rhys-Meyers was born, so it’s hardly surprising to discover in the attitude of the Irish actor certain basic tenets of the punk ethos, its speed and anger. Jonathan stands out by his refusal to play to type and the nervous intensity of his creative vision. Spotted at the age of fifteen, he rapidly landed a series of increasingly important parts. He’s played a bloodthirsty soldier...


The Lion in Winter coming soon

You can now view a trailer for “The Lion in Winter” at the Hallmark Entertainment website. The film is set to air Sunday, May 23 on the Showtime Network. There will be a premiere for the film in Los Angeles in early May. Showtime is going to also air a behind the scenes look at “The Lion in Winter”: TRACKING “THE LION IN WINTER” 17m A look at the production of the Showtime Original Picture “The Lion in Winter” starring Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close in the fact-based story...