2003 March

Bend It Like Beckham now out

“Bend It Like Beckham” is now out in limited release in the US! Unfortunately, “Prozac Nation” is not coming out this Friday. Instead it is looking like it will be released in June instead according to Miramax’s website. Let’s hope Mixamax does not push back this film once again and that it might finally make it to theatres.


Jonathan as King Philip of France

Lots of cool news to report… First off, Jonathan has another movie to add to this credits. This time it’s a Hallmark Entertainment produced remake of “The Lion In Winter” that will air on the US cable network Showtime in late 2003. Jonathan stars as King Philip of France (Timothy Dalton played this role in the original award winning film). The movie also stars Glenn Close and Patrick Stewart. You can found out more information at an unofficial website for the original film and at the Hallmark Entertainment website....