2003 January

Nominations for Bend It Like Beckham

“Bend It Like Beckham” has recieved 3 nominations for the Empire Magazine Awards (Best Newcomer for Parminder Nagra, Best British Actress for Kiera Knightly, and Best British Film) and 1 nomination for a BAFTA for Outstanding British Film. “Bend It Like Beckham” is also making the rounds around the US playing in various film festivals like the Miami International Film Festival being held Feb. 21 – March 2. Watch out for advertisements and reviews of this film in various magazines out now like Elle Girl (thanks to Robby for...


US trailer for Bend It Like Beckham

You can now view the new US trailer for Bend It Like Beckham online! Be warned, it does seem they have changed some of the slang and words from the original version of the film unfortunately.


Bend It Like Beckham release date

Happy New Year! Plenty of Jonny films to look forward to this year. Starting with the US release of “Bend It Like Beckham”. It now has an official date of March 12 for limited release in New York and Los Angeles. It is also premiering at the Sundance Film Festival January 18 at 6pm at the Egyptian Theatre. Additionally, it is scheduled to screen January 19 at 2pm at the Holiday Cinema II, January 21 at 11:30am at the Holiday Cinema III, and January 25 at 6:45pm at the...