Jonathan signs on to a new project

Some exciting news to report. First off… Jonathan has been cast in a new film already in production in Luxembourg called “The Emperor’s Wife”, directed by Belgian Julien Vrebos and co-starring Max Beesley, Johnny de Mol, and Leticia Dolera. Jonathan will be playing the part of the Chamberlain in what sounds like a grand love story with many twists. This is a period piece that is not set in any specific time or place. The story is inspired by the life of Suraya of Persia and the court of...


Tangled gets US release on DVD

“Tangled” is finally being released in the US going straight to DVD and video. You can pre-order the DVD through Amazon.com now. It’s due for release January 14, 2003. Fox Searchlight has put up a preview website for Bend It Like Beckham. It does not state when the official release date will be other than Spring 2003. There is word that Jonathan may star in a London play sometime next year. According to a recent Irish Examiner article, it was stated that Jonathan will be in the West End...


Jonathan attending more premieres

You can now view the trailer for Prozac Nation. Considering that Jonathan’s character is apparently not in the film that much, he is featured quite a bit in this excellent trailer. Thanks to The Williams Center for this link. In other random bits of news, Jonathan has been attending various events in London in recent weeks… along with the premieres of “The Importance of Being Ernest” and “Lilo and Stitch”, he went to the launch of a Versace exhibit. There is also no official word yet on the status...


Irish Examiner

Jonathan rides a radio wave By Charlotte Sheridan Irish Examiner, October 4, 2002 Jonathan Rhys Meyers has the world at his feet — he’s only 25 and already has 19 films behind him. So you might be surprised to hear that the globe-trotting actor, made a humble phone call to an RTE producer, expressing his desire to read the short stories of Saki on the radio programme, the Book on One. Producer Seamus Hosey was only too glad to accommodate the Cork-born actor and his dulcet tones...


BILB gets a US release date

Good news coming out of the Toronto Film Festivial, where “Bend It Like Beckham” was shown. It was one of two runners up for the AGF People’s Choice Award, which is voted on by festival audiences. Fox Searchlight has also announced a US release date “Bend It Like Beckham”, April 2, 2003. Also, listen to Jonathan reading from The Best of Saki by Hector Hugh Munro, featured on Radio 1 (thanks Alec). The show runs until October 4.


Sunday World

Why Rising Irish Hollywood Hunk Has No Time For Movie Stars Sunday World, September 29, 2002 Meyers: I’m Not Playing Fame Game Irish Hollywood heart-throb Jonathan Rhys Meyers has revealed why he won’t be spending time with his new-found movie pals. The Cork actor, who shot to fame as the man who shot Michael Collins in Neil Jordan’s movie, says he couldn’t do his job if he spent his life with other film stars. “What happens to a lot of actors is that they go out and get a...


Daily Express

Really, I Want to Read You A Story Daily Express, September 21, 2002 When Bend It Like Beckham star Jonathan Rhys Meyers left a message on radio producer Seamus Hosey’s phone asking him to give him a ring, Hosey thought it was a “complete wind-up”. But after a few probing questions he quickly realised that the voice on the other end of the phone line was indeed Jonathan’s. The 25-year-old Irish actor–voted the 34th sexiest man in the world by Cosmopolitan readers–was at home in Cork between roles when...


Jonathan at premiere party

Jonathan recently attended a premiere party in France for “The Importance of Being Ernest”, a film due for release in the UK on September 6. An article about this party was featured in the September 1 Style issue of the Sunday Times. There is also a photo of Jonathan from this party in the latest Hello Magazine. His next film, “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”, is due to start production this month. It’s being made in part by Paramount Classics, a US production company.


Sunday Times

Wilde things By Sasha Slater Sunday Times, Style section, September 1, 2002 The launch party for the latest Britflick was an Oscar performance, says SASHA SLATER The dinner party is dead, it is claimed. We’re too stressed to have a good time, too tired to cook and too busy (and much too politically correct) for spiky conversations. Can this really be true? Is the text-message generation incapable of witty repartee? To celebrate the release of the new Britflick The Importance of Being Earnest, the publicists decided to prove that...


More details on Octane

Thanks to Alec for passing along this little tidbit about “Octane”, from the Sunday Mirror (warning, this does contain a minor spoiler): Role to Get Teeth Into August 11, 2002 by Polly Graham IRISH actors Patrick O’Kane and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers have definitely got a blood lust – in their new film roles that is. Patrick, who has starred in EastEnders, joined forces with Bend It Like Beckham lead Jonathan to film a new psychological thriller called Octane in Luxembourg. The film also stars Hollywood actress Madeleine Stowe, best remembered...

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