Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Jonathan! He’s turning 24 today! Post your messages on the board and celebrate.


Possible new project?

New rumor regarding Jonny’s possible next film role. This comes from Ananova, which is not the most reliable source: Robbie Williams is reported to be considering a film role in the romantic comedy Goldfish Memory. Other actors said to be considering taking part include Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Darren Day, Dervla Kirwan and Ian Hart. Pearl Harbor star Josh Hartnett is also believed to be interested in joining the cast of the ?5 million adventure set in Ireland. Take that with a grain of salt. There is a great new...


New role in football movie

Lonny is supposedly filming in London right now his next role as a team coach for the film Bend It Like Beckham, directed by Gurinder Chadha. From feeserve movie news: Directed by Gurinder Chadha (‘Bhaji On The Beach’), the project tells the tale of two 18-year-old girls desperate to become professional footballers, despite their parents’ objections. The two girls will be played by Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley. Lewis is all set to play the captain of a football team, with Jonathan Rhys Meyers also on board to...


The Magnificent Ambersons trailer

View the trailer for “The Magnificent Ambersons” at the deAngelisGroup website.


The Tribe on U.S. TV

The Independent Film Channel is showing “The Tribe”! The remaining times it will be shown in May are: Wednesday, May 16 at 6AM, Tuesday, May 29 at 11:45PM and Wednesday, May 30 at 6AM. “Tangled” is having a rough go of things now that the film has been picked up by Miramax. Rachael Leigh Cook has mentioned in several interviews how the movie title was changed to “Tangled” in the first place and now about possible cuts requested that have frustrated her as a producer of the fim. Let’s...


Gormenghast to air on PBS this June

PBS is set to air “Gormenghast” finally in June. It will also be released on DVD here in the US. “The Magnificent Ambersons” is gearing up for it’s premiere. The novel will be republished with a new cover that shows off the cast of the tv movie. Christina Ricci has been doing a lot of publicity lately and “Prozac Nation” keeps popping up in many articles. Still no word on when it may finally get released. Also no word on what Jonny’s next project will be.


The Art of Gormenghast

Steerpike by Jonathan Rhys Meyers From The Art of Gormenghast by Estelle Daniel What can I do that has never been done to Gormenghast in all its years? Seventy-seven earls and it has never had this happen? I think it could have done with it a couple of hundred years beforehand. I’m not trying to complicate it. I have been reading a little bit of Samuel Beckett, just for myself because I like him. He hates to colour things. You just have to say it. If it is there,...


Tangled picked up by Miramax

Myriad Pictures is reporting that “Tangled” has been picked up by Miramax for distribution. The film’s soundtrack will reportedly feature music from Duran Duran, The Brand New Heavies and David Gray. And no news on what Jonathan has decided to do for his next film project. Decisions, decisions… Lastly, “Ride With The Devil” has finally been released in Japan and Jonathan is actually used in much of the promotional material. Isn’t that refreshing? Thanks to everyone who emailed about the Japanese official website.


Tangled trailer out

The trailer for Tangled is now available at the official production company website. It’s definitely worth checking out to see plenty of Jonny. Thanks to Galliia for spreading this news around.


The Magnificent Ambersons released in Europe?

From Ananova Doubts cast over Orson Welles remake The fate of the newly re-vamped The Magnificent Ambersons is still hanging in the balance. Filming of the story based on Booth Tarkington’s 1918 novel has just been completed on location in Dublin with Mexican director Alfonso Arau in the hotseat. The £10 million Italian and German-backed production is destined to appear on America’s A&E channel in the summer as a four-part mini-series. But RKO which still hold the rights to the story, hopes to transform the 192 minutes of footage...

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