2001 October

Belfast Telegraph

Collins hitman gives backing to top event By Roisin Cox Belfast Telegraph, October 11, 2001 Film festival role for screen star Meyers An added attraction at the launch of this year’s Foyle Film Festival was the appearance of Dublin-born Hollywood star Jonathan Rhys Meyers. And he gave the festival, which will show 200 films over 10 days in early November, his is full backing. Although Meyers has numerous film credits he is probably best known as Michael Collins’ assassin in the 1996 hit movie, a tag he has been...


Jonathan engaged?

Good news about “Prozac Nation”. It’s been picked up by Miramax for distribution. And from showbizireland.com comes the following (note Jonathan was questioned, not arrested and this hopefully confirms he will be in Minatour as well as a new film based on an Alex Garland novel): Rhys Meyers talks to ShowBiz Ireland… Cork actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was arrested and detained last week in Italy due to security measures after the terrorist attacks in America.The actor, who has stared in such films as Michael Collins and Velvet Goldmine as...


Knorr Soup Ad

Huge thanks to the wonderful alec757 for along the following information. It appears that Jonny’s first commercial, the infamous Knorr Soup advert, was shown again in Ireland. From The People: “You might not recognise them…but these young men are two of the biggest stars that Ireland has produced in recent years. One is the darling of British broadcasting who was recently offered millions to take his chat show to a rival station. And the other is a red-hot actor who can now command a fortune for his Hollywood movies....