2001 September

Prozac Nation response at Toronto

Be on the look out for Club Monaco ads in various magazines. So far, there have been ads in the NY Times (thanks to glamgirly23 for this info). There are new photos of Jonny in UK’s October InStyle Magazine with Kate Hudson on the cover (thanks to Helen for this info). “Prozac Nation” got mixed reviews at the Toronto Film Festival. Jonathan did not attend the premiere. However, Ebert and Roeper picked “Prozac Nation” as one of the best films from the Toronto Film Festival on a recent show...


Happy Now

Happy Now By Derek Elley Variety, September 3 – 9, 2001 A decidedly offbeat blend of mystery-thriller and regional character comedy, “Happy Now” tries too hard to hit too many bases but still reps an interesting feature debut by Irish-born, Welsh-raised helmer Philippa Collie-Cousins. Pic may not translate easily in territories unfamiliar with whimsical Welsh humor (on which it almost entirely depends), and its excess of plot and characters often hampers its stride. But Collie-Cousins shows a good grasp of atmosphere and setting, and draws fine perfs from most...