2001 August

Prozac Nation premiere

Thanks to Alec, Dawn and Lisa for letting me know that “Prozac Nation” will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival being held September 6-15. Information on schedules will not be up on the official festival website until August 28. Alec also passed along an article that mentioned “Happy Now” may be set for release later on the year in the UK. No word on a US release for this film.


Club Monaco pictures released!

Club Monaco has finally released their new fall/winter 2001 ad campaign on their site. And guess who is their star model? Take a look at their site to see plenty of gorgeous photos. Thank to k_czaplinska for alerting me about this. Also, thanks to Nerd from the message board, SCI FI Wire is reporting the following: Tony Todd told SCI FI Wire that he’ll be starring in Minotaur, a fantasy film based on the Greek myth about a supernatural creature that’s half bull and half man. Todd (Candyman) will...


Happy Now premieres

“Happy Now” is premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival August 20 at 10pm. Tickets are £7. It is in competition. Thanks to alec757 for sending along this info. It is also going to be shown August 22 at 9pm. The official festival website has the following information about the film: “This isn’t some film where zombies take revenge,” says Paddy Considine. We can?t be so sure. All grown up and gunning for political power in a small North Wales community, Considine and his best mate harbour a dark secret...