The Magnificent Ambersons Update

Thanks to alec757 for passing along some corrected news about “The Magnificent Ambersons”: December 4, 2001, The Record A&E is attempting to restore Orson Welles original vision for his movie “The Magnificent Ambersons.” The cable network in January will premiere a remake of the 1942 film, based on Booth Tarkington’s novel. The cast and crew of the new version worked from Welles original screenplay, nearly 60 years after RKO Pictures executives re-edited the movie and released it against the director’s wishes. “The Magnificent Ambersons” tells the story of a...


Showbiz Ireland

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Interview By Stephen Walsh Showbiz Ireland, November 7, 2001 He glammed it up in Velvet Goldmine and went Gothic in Gormenghast but, as Stephen Walsh finds out, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is just your average bloke from Cork who once did a Knorr commercial and broke a girl’s heart. Rhys Meyers was born in Dublin in 1977, moved to Cork when he was three. A wayward youth saw him leave school and enter the pool hall at 16, where he would probably have stayed had it not been...


Belfast Telegraph

Collins hitman gives backing to top event By Roisin Cox Belfast Telegraph, October 11, 2001 Film festival role for screen star Meyers An added attraction at the launch of this year’s Foyle Film Festival was the appearance of Dublin-born Hollywood star Jonathan Rhys Meyers. And he gave the festival, which will show 200 films over 10 days in early November, his is full backing. Although Meyers has numerous film credits he is probably best known as Michael Collins’ assassin in the 1996 hit movie, a tag he has been...


Jonathan engaged?

Good news about “Prozac Nation”. It’s been picked up by Miramax for distribution. And from showbizireland.com comes the following (note Jonathan was questioned, not arrested and this hopefully confirms he will be in Minatour as well as a new film based on an Alex Garland novel): Rhys Meyers talks to ShowBiz Ireland… Cork actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was arrested and detained last week in Italy due to security measures after the terrorist attacks in America.The actor, who has stared in such films as Michael Collins and Velvet Goldmine as...


Knorr Soup Ad

Huge thanks to the wonderful alec757 for along the following information. It appears that Jonny’s first commercial, the infamous Knorr Soup advert, was shown again in Ireland. From The People: “You might not recognise them…but these young men are two of the biggest stars that Ireland has produced in recent years. One is the darling of British broadcasting who was recently offered millions to take his chat show to a rival station. And the other is a red-hot actor who can now command a fortune for his Hollywood movies....


Prozac Nation response at Toronto

Be on the look out for Club Monaco ads in various magazines. So far, there have been ads in the NY Times (thanks to glamgirly23 for this info). There are new photos of Jonny in UK’s October InStyle Magazine with Kate Hudson on the cover (thanks to Helen for this info). “Prozac Nation” got mixed reviews at the Toronto Film Festival. Jonathan did not attend the premiere. However, Ebert and Roeper picked “Prozac Nation” as one of the best films from the Toronto Film Festival on a recent show...


Happy Now

Happy Now By Derek Elley Variety, September 3 – 9, 2001 A decidedly offbeat blend of mystery-thriller and regional character comedy, “Happy Now” tries too hard to hit too many bases but still reps an interesting feature debut by Irish-born, Welsh-raised helmer Philippa Collie-Cousins. Pic may not translate easily in territories unfamiliar with whimsical Welsh humor (on which it almost entirely depends), and its excess of plot and characters often hampers its stride. But Collie-Cousins shows a good grasp of atmosphere and setting, and draws fine perfs from most...


Prozac Nation premiere

Thanks to Alec, Dawn and Lisa for letting me know that “Prozac Nation” will be premiering at the Toronto Film Festival being held September 6-15. Information on schedules will not be up on the official festival website until August 28. Alec also passed along an article that mentioned “Happy Now” may be set for release later on the year in the UK. No word on a US release for this film.


Club Monaco pictures released!

Club Monaco has finally released their new fall/winter 2001 ad campaign on their site. And guess who is their star model? Take a look at their site to see plenty of gorgeous photos. Thank to k_czaplinska for alerting me about this. Also, thanks to Nerd from the message board, SCI FI Wire is reporting the following: Tony Todd told SCI FI Wire that he’ll be starring in Minotaur, a fantasy film based on the Greek myth about a supernatural creature that’s half bull and half man. Todd (Candyman) will...


Happy Now premieres

“Happy Now” is premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival August 20 at 10pm. Tickets are £7. It is in competition. Thanks to alec757 for sending along this info. It is also going to be shown August 22 at 9pm. The official festival website has the following information about the film: “This isn’t some film where zombies take revenge,” says Paddy Considine. We can?t be so sure. All grown up and gunning for political power in a small North Wales community, Considine and his best mate harbour a dark secret...

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