2000 December

Jonathan Can’t Understand Women

From IMDB.com: Jonathan Can’t Understand Women – WENN, 27 November 2000 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is struggling to understand the opposite sex – and sometimes feels like he never will. Although he is now dating a “beautiful” Irish girl called Chacha following his split with his Velvet Goldmine (1998) co-star Toni Collette, the star doesn’t feel like he has a complete grasp of women. The hearthrob actor says, “I’ve had a very hard time with women. But I’ve made that hard time myself, I’m trying to understand women, but I never...


Hot Press

Jonathan Rhys Meyers By Olaf Tyaransen Hot Press, December 2000 Hailed as one of the UK’s hottest young talents, and having appeared in such successes as Michael Collins, The Magnificent Abersons, and Velvet Goldmine, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in fact Dublin-born and raised in Cork. Olaf Tyaransen met the rising star. Thesp behaviour: Peter Matthews. If fidgeting was an Olympic sport then Jonathan Rhys Meyers could win gold for Ireland. The 23 year old Dublin-born/Cork bred actor just can’t seem to sit still for a moment. Throughout...