2000 February


Latest Sugar magazine has a small picture of Jonny. Jonny is also on the cover of UK Shivers magazine. Lastly, Jonny recently introduced the Versace collection on the Late Late Show in Dublin.


more on Gormenghast

You can order a behind the scenes of “Gormenghast” magazine from Radio Times for only £2.99 by calling 01483 20448 for credit card orders. Or by sending a check (make payable to RT Shop) to: Gormenghast Offer JEM House Littlemead Granleigh GU6 8TT No information yet if they will accept international orders.


Cult Times

Gormenghast By Jane Killick Cult Times, February 2000 Steerpike is the rogue element that threatens to bring an earldom crumbling in on itself in “Gormenghast”, the BBC’s magnificent fantasy serial for the new millennium. Steerpike has grown up in the drudgery of the castle kitchens, but his ambition is far greater than his lowly position. When he gets the opportunity to escape, he seizes it and begins to manipulate the bizarre and gullible characters he finds in the castle to gain power. He becomes a conspirator to arson and...