2000 January

Clearing up Rumors

There is a wonderful feature on “Titus” in the February 2000 issue of American Cinematographer. And you can catch Jonny in the February issue of Cult Times. He’s been popping up in numerous publications over in the UK. Which has lead to some rumors that I’ve been asked about. The incident of Jonny being held up at gunpoint is something that happened to him several years ago and not something that has just occured. That is why I haven’t posted anything about it. And Jonny did state in an...



You can read the article from Telegraph online and the “Gormenhast” official site has opened. It’s got great info and bits on this film. You can also order the soundtrack for “Gormenghast” online through HMV.co.uk, where they have “Gormenghast” listed for video release as soon as February of this year (of course in PAL format). Thanks to Laura and Lin for sending along this info. And lastly, apparently, Jonny’s beloved horse Bel has been stolen, according to yesterday’s issue of The Daily Mail. Will try to find out more...


Gormenghast press coverage

Jonny is on the cover of Radio Times and Telegraph Magazine (which you can see a sneak of to the left), which are both UK publications. Expect loads more press coverage with the premiere of “Gormenghast” fast approaching. Speaking of “Gormenghast”, there is hope for those not living in the UK. “Gormenghast” will be shown in Canada February 13 and 14. It will also been shown in the US on PBS or BBC America, hopefully sometime this year.


B. Monkey out on DVD

You can pre-order “B. Monkey” on DVD through reel.com for only $17.99. It’s coming out March 21st (thanks to Laura for sending this info along). Fox Searchlight’s site for Titus is fully up and running. Check it out for some clips from the film. You’ll need flash to view the site. Lastly, Jonny is not going to do “Johnny Domino”. He was offered the part but decided not to do it. And is still on the look out for his next project.


Radio Times

Gormenghast: Behind the Scenes Radio Times, January 2000 After a gruelling five-month shoot at Cinecitta in Rome playing Chiron the “hideous little rapist” in the new film adaptation of Titus Andronicus, Jonathan Rhys Meyers “was exactly in the right mood to play Steerpike, another of the great hideousnesses of English literature”. And so began four more gruelling months at Shepperton Studios. “I’d never heard of the novels,” says 22-year-old Irishman Rhys Meyers, “but as soon as I read the scripts I understood the character. I didn’t even have to...



Principal Boy By Christa D’Souza Vogue, January 2000 Ever since Jonathan Rhys Meyers smoldered his way through “Velvet Goldmine”, he’s been the most sought-after new beauty in Tinseltown. But he still thinks he’s ugly, or at least that’s what he tells the girls. What a disaster. This car has to travel all the way from SE1 to W11 in the middle of Friday afternoon traffic and the driver has just told Jonathan Rhys Meyers he is not allowed to smoke. “You are fucking kidding me,” Rhys Meyers...