1999 March

B. Monkey publicity

There is a cool picture of Jonathan with Asia Argento from “B. Monkey” in the March 26th issue of Femme Fatales which has Asia on the cover.


Sneak peek at Titus

Miramax has pushed back “B. Monkey” once again for release September 9 of this year. Will it appear before the century is over? I wonder. “Velvet Goldmine” is nominated for 2 BAFTA’s for Best Costume Design and Best Makeup/Hair. It should win both. Sandy Powell won an Oscar for her work in that other Miramax film, but it was nice she mentioned “VG” in her speech and it was hilarious that Whoppi Goldberg attempted to dress like Brian Slade. At the Independent Spirit Awards, “VG” did win for best...