1999 January

Lots of Jonny News

Visit E! Online to see their feature on Johnny. B.Monkey is set for release Feb. 26 – let’s see if that happens. The Loss of Sexual Innocence debuted at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. It is set to be released on May 21. Nice date. Check out the Sundance Channel page on the film. They give much praise to Jonathan and so does Variety’s review, where they say, “The most emotionally touching chapter is the sexual exploration of teenager Nic (splendidly evoked by Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) with Susan (Kelly MacDonald),...


Making the Hot List

In the January W Magazine, the reader survey listed top 10 men in various categories. Jonny was among them for actors! And he popped up over at E! Online‘s poll listed for one of the ‘Most Memorable Hair’ in movies for “Velvet Goldmine”. E! Online is also going to do their hot list for 1999 and Jonathan is on it – check back on January 20th for the feature.