Oh You Pretty Things By Graham Fuller Interview, December 1998 Whatever abilities Jonathan Rhys Meyers hasn’t yet acquired as a film actor, he has one quality in his favor: Once he’s onscreen, it’s impossible to take your eyes off him. The boy is electrifying, in the same way Montgomery Clift was in Red River, James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause, and Natassja Kinski in Paris, Texas–electrifying in a way that some of our most beloved stars have never been. It’s a quality that renders critical judgment...


Making the Cover

2 covers in one month!!! That’s right, Jonny is on the cover of December Interview and American Cinematographer! Also, Sky International has a feature on Jonny and November Neon has a feature on “Velvet Goldmine”. And speaking of that glam rock jewel, Girl Cosmetics has come out with their Velvet Goldmine collection which premiered in various Bloomingdales around the country. The line was developed by Todd Haynes’ brother Shawn along with the film’s makeup artist Peter King. There is a silver-and-gold glitter highlighter duo, a black glitter pencil eyeliner,...



November Empire has a feature on Jonathan. And if you look in the Gallery you can get a peek of Jonny’s current blond hair for his role in “Titus”.



Here’s Johnny By Jennifer Pierce Barr Elle, November 1998 In Velvet Goldmine, Jonathan Rhys Meyers dons the glitter in a tribute to the age of Ziggy and Iggy Swaggering across Manhattan’s Bryant Park on a quest for cigarettes, Jonathan Rhys Meyers looks as if he just stepped out of a CK commercial: Tall, skinny, with a messy ponytail and lips like Jim Morrison’s, the Irish actor could pass for a rock star. Which seems appropriate, considering his role as a pop idol in Velvet Goldmine, Todd Haynes’s...



Jonathan Rhys Meyers by Jessica Mellor Empire, November 1998 Trouble teenager Gets Physical with Ewan McGregor Irish-born Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s life so far is the sort of success story that makes great movies. After such small roles in such critical hits as A Man of No Importance he will this month be thrust into the limelight taking almost top-billing as the 70s glam-rock god Brian Slade in Todd Haynes’ Velvet Goldmine. At 16, Rhys Meyers has been kicked out of school and was at a club when...



THE FIRST & LAST WORD: JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS J17, November 1998 “My mother knew I was a star when I was four years old,” says spunky Irish-born actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. And now it looks like the rest of the world shares his mum’s opinion as Jonathan hits the screens this month in the long-awaited glam-rock flick Velvet Goldmine. Jonathan plays Brian Slade, a dodgily named, blue-haired rawk star who fakes his own death and, gasp, gets to snog Ewan McGregor. But Jonathan’s no newcomer to the...



Fantasy Date: Jonathan Rhys Meyers By Polly Vernon Minx, November 1998 Fancy a bit of Irish? Polly Vernon does when the lovely young start of The Disappearance of Finbar takes her for a ride… Jonathan. You see me, you fancy me loads, you ask me out and – what do you know? – I accept. Where would you take me? I’ve never been on a date. You’re on one now, matey. We wouldn’t go to a cinema, and we wouldn’t go to a pub, because there’s too...


Irish Times

Going for Greatness by Michael Dwyer The Irish Times, October 31, 1998 At 21, Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers realises fame is no longer his spur. His mission is to be a great actor, and with 12 films in three years, he’s well on his way. He talks to Michael Dwyer. When the American writer-director Todd Haynes was casting the young Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers as an enigmatic, bisexual pop star in the glam-rock opus Velvet Goldmine, he commented: “Johnny is just incredible. Being 19 is a full-time...


Magazine Sightings

Magazine sightings: Minx and More, both UK magazines. And the “Velvet Goldmine” soundtrack is due out November 3 in the US.


Entertainment Tonight

Stay tuned to Tuesday’s Entertainment Tonight’s episode for coverage of the “Velvet Goldmine” premiere. Not sure about other entertainment shows, so be on the alert. Jonathan is featured in latest Empire Magazine as well.

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