New York Times

Earning an ‘A’ for Androgyny on the Screen New York Times, September 13, 1998 Good-looking and bursting with raw talent, 21-year-old Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been hailed as the latest new star in Hollywood. ONCE upon a time, the talk was of the “It Girl”. These days, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has film-makers extolling what is called the “A Boy”. The “A”, of course, stands for “androgynous”, which is a quality — an infectious smile and raw talent are others — that has the 21-year-old Irishman leading the...


Rolling Stone

Hot Actor: Jonathan Rhys Meyers Rolling Stone, August 20, 1998 A fresh face in a world hungry for a new Leonardo DiCaprio/Daniel Day-Lewis mutation, Jonathan Rhys Meyers – who makes a suitably colorful impression as Bowie-esque rock star Brian Slade in the upcoming Velvet Goldmine – is about to learn about fame, fame, fame, fame. In the film, directed by Todd Haynes (Safe), Slade’s manager, played by Brit comic Eddie Izzard, declares, “The secret to being a star is to behave like one.” But the twenty-one-year-old Rhys...


Entertainment Weekly

Glamour Boy: Jonathan Rhys Meyers Entertainment Weekly, Summer Double Issue 1998 Age 20 Why him? With a splash of glitter and a drugged-out glaze, this Irish upstart (think River Phoenix meets Leonardo DiCaprio with a rogue’s brogue) puts the wham back in glam as a Bowie-esque megastar in Velvet Goldmine. Work Habits “I was an extraordinary liar and thief as a kid, so I was always playacting to survive.” Creative crutch “I’ve been listening to Bob Marley a lot lately; he makes me think I can change...


Sunday Telegraph

The Making of a Movie Star By Roger Clarke Sunday Telegraph, June 14, 1998 Thanks to his performance as a decadent glam-rocker in the much-hyped Velvet Goldmine, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was the hottest property at Cannes. Now everyone wants a piece of him – but can he take the pressure? Roger Clarke witnesses… Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be 21 next month, and soon afterwards he’ll become a big star. He’ll appear in all the magazines and on the chat shows, be seen at all the A-list parties, and his...


The Face

Glamorous Hooligan By Charles Grant The Face, February 1997 Jonathan Rhys Meyers is at a scary point in his life right now. The 19-year-old Irish actor has chalked up an impressive eight movies, and is already being talked up in British film circles as “the new Ewan McGregor”, but very few people have actually seen any of them — including Jonathan. “I think all these movies are going to come out and everybody’s going to find out I’m a fake,” he says with a sly smile, during...

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