Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Please join the JRMfansite in wishing Jonathan a very happy birthday! It’s been a wonderful year so far with the success of “Roots” and upcoming projects to celebrate like “The Vikings” and “London Town”. While this site has been quiet lately due to personal reasons, be sure to follow the JRMfansite on Twitter for more immediate updates. There’s much to look forward to! This site is still here and will continue to follow Jonathan’s incredible career. Stay tuned!
Happy Birthday Jonathan!

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Happy Birthday Jonathan Rhys Meyers!


  1. Debbie says
    27 July 16 at 1:25pm

    Have a wonderful birthday.

  2. Marianne Sherritt says
    27 July 16 at 1:46pm

    Happy birthday Jonathon.

  3. 27 July 16 at 3:01pm

    Happy Birthday Johnny!

  4. Jacqueline Williams says
    27 July 16 at 5:56pm

    Happy Birthday Jonathan!

  5. Eeva says
    28 July 16 at 4:40am

    Day late I know, but happy birthday to Jonathan :)!

  6. Daniela Geist says
    28 July 16 at 5:53am

    Happy Birthday Jonathan, celebrate and have fun with your family and friends. I wish you every luck on earth. May God protect you. Don’t change

  7. Suzanne says
    28 July 16 at 12:31pm

    Many thanks Alyse, good news you’re back… And although it’s a bit late, Happy Birthday Jonathan!!

  8. Susan Marriott says
    30 July 16 at 5:16am

    Happy birthday to Jonathan hope he has a great day xx

  9. Alaide Tizon Coriolano says
    27 July 17 at 1:50pm

    Happy Birthday Jonathan. All the best for you.
    Love you

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