Wishing Jonathan Rhys Meyers Well!

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Please join the JRMfansite in wishing Jonathan a very happy and healthy birthday! Montreal is a beautiful city and we hope he enjoys this special day with his friends and family. With so many new projects currently filming or in the works like “Stonewall”, “Byrd & the Bees” and “Six”, we have much to look forward to and celebrate as well!
Happy Birthday Jonathan!

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers


  1. Jennifer Vincent says
    27 July 14 at 8:52am

    Happy birthday to an extraordinary and talented actor.

  2. Andreas says
    27 July 14 at 9:47am

    Each day more beautiful…

  3. Karen Fuzek says
    27 July 14 at 10:14am

    Happy Birthday to the most gifted actor and musician. Keep up the wonderful work!

  4. Jacqui says
    27 July 14 at 10:24am

    Happy Birthday. All the best. XxxxxxxxxxxxxX

  5. Marianne says
    27 July 14 at 11:28am

    Happy Birthday Jonathon and many, many more.

  6. Chris Salvaggio says
    27 July 14 at 2:02pm

    just finished The Tudors and I found you to be a very gifted actor. Hope to see you again in more films, for with your talent, they should be many to pick from. Happy Birthday

  7. Julie Wittman says
    27 July 14 at 5:49pm

    So happy he is doing another movie!! Can’t wait to see Stonewall!! We miss seeing him!! Ever since dumb NBC cancelled DRACULA!!

  8. Cruz says
    28 July 14 at 12:11am

    Even though it’s a lttle bit late, happy birthday and best wishes from Alicante, in Spain.

  9. bunnieseventsSadie says
    28 July 14 at 3:32am

    Happy birthday my darling, enjoy your day you are a beautiful person who deserves happiness xx

  10. Trina Smith says
    28 July 14 at 5:27am

    Happy Birthday to you Jonathan. I enjoy your work (acting and music). Enjoy your special day.

  11. Toni Blasser says
    27 July 15 at 6:11am

    Happy Birthday and enjoy your special day !

  12. Alaide Tizon Coriolano says
    27 July 15 at 7:13am

    Happy Birthday, I wish you the best of life.

  13. Jennifer says
    27 July 15 at 12:42pm

    Happy birthday to an extraordinary actor… you are so talented… have a great birthday

  14. sudipta says
    26 July 18 at 7:14pm

    happy birthday to you …..enjoy life the fullest
    love sudipta

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